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So apparently we lost the grammar war, and on-premises is just called "on premise" now?
"I never thought I'd be writing a blog post like this, but now that I'm coming up on 20 years in this industry, and I'm writing on a website called, I feel like I've earned the right to. I'm saddened that the industry seems to have adopted the grammatically-incorrect term "on premise" in place of the actual term, "on premises" when discussing where servers will live."
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yesterday by niksilver
Donald Trump Deleted Tweets Twitter | Factbase
Our great country has been divided for decades. Sometimes you need protest in order to heel, & we will heel, & be stronger than ever before!
19 AUG 2017
yesterday by campylobacter
A Guide to Using ЭТО - Duolingo
On это versus этот/эта/это/эти in sentences such as этот лев versus Это лев (= Это - лев).
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3 days ago by pne
Typography Cheatsheet
A comprehensive guide to using proper typographic characters, including correct grammatical usage. Everything you need to know about setting proper typography—smart quotes, apostrophes, em dashes, en dashes, accented characters and more.
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3 days ago by shannonlucas
E-Prime - Wikipedia
A (possibly ludicrous?) form of English that omits all forms of the verb "to be", ostensibly to strengthen writing.
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4 days ago by robmiller
The Dada Engine
pb grammar rules for text generation, like tracery
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4 days ago by arnicas
London Grammar – Oh Woman Oh Man (Audio) | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
London Grammar – Oh Lady Oh Gentleman (Audio) The new album Real truth Is A Wonderful Point is out now: Formal Retailer – iTunes: Spotify: Amazon: Deezer: SUBSCRIBE for much more films from London Grammar: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – […]
IFTTT  WordPress  Women  Alternative/Indie  hey  now  If  You  Wait  Riva  Starr  London  Grammar  Metal  and  Dust  remix  Sights  Strong  Wasting  My  Young  Years  Wic... 
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