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april 2019 by kousen
Using the SDK with Gradle - AWS SDK for Java
compile '' testCompile group: 'junit', name: 'junit', version: '4.11'
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february 2019 by ChrisQuijote
1 Introduction 3.3.9
Latest Docuumentation Home Page
january 2019 by ChrisQuijote
Grails 3 Spring Security override login form - Stack Overflow

There's a much simpler and systematic approach to this. Without all of this manual copy-paste labor.

After installing spring-security-core plugin, use the grails s2-quickstart command on grails console to configure basic user and role domain (you can configure other aspects with the s2-quickstart );
Install spring-security-ui plugin and use grails s2ui-override auth command to override the login/auth form (this will create the login form so that you override it)
Use grails s2ui-override layout to override the layouts for the form(this will create the springSecurityUI.gsp layout so that you override it)
january 2019 by ChrisQuijote

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