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may 2018 by dandv
From Grass-Eaters to Today's Graft: Police Gangs in America
Police gangs have existed from the earliest days of American law enforcement, but there’s also long been a distinction between “meat-eaters” (wholly corrupt cops) and “grass-eaters” (small-timers). It’s the breadth of corruption that makes the difference. The “few bad apples” metaphor is right, but it’s often used incorrectly. The problem isn’t that there are “only” a few bad cops, it’s that it only takes a few to poison the entire bunch, especially during high-crime eras. The scale of police corruption tends to go along with the tenor of the times: the greater the prevalence of crime, the more rogue actors.
There are multiple common-sense reasons why police corruption endures, but the main one is primal: When citizens are gripped by fear, they give police greater leeway to restore “law and order” by any means necessary. Add in the very real fear police officers have of working in dangerous areas; the long-standing tensions between law enforcement and people in minority neighborhoods; the “blue wall of silence” (an ethos dictating that cops never rat out other cops, no matter the circumstances); economic downturns; and the cultural and systematic advantages of the citizenry tending to give officers the benefit of the doubt.
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march 2018 by dbourn

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