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In His Stead, by IceAngel7
Gen. "Do you wish then that our places had been exchanged?" What if Faramir had been the son of Denethor to embark on the quest to Imladris? Only time will make known if Faramir's loyalties will keep the Fellowship together or drive them apart.
Lord.of.the.Rings  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Faramir  Aragorn  Gimli  Legolas  Elrond  Gandalf  Frodo.Baggins  Samwise.Gamgee  Meriadoc.'Merry'.Brandybuck  Peregrin.'Pippin'.Took  Saruman  Gollum  Radagast  Treebeard  Haldir  Rumil  Orophin  Galadriel  Celeborn  Éomer  Éowyn  Éothain  Boromir  Denethor  100000-149999.words  Háma  Gríma.Wormtongue 
december 2014 by settiai

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100000-149999.words  aragorn  boromir  celeborn  denethor  elrond  faramir  frodo.baggins  galadriel  gandalf  genre.gen  gimli  gollum  haldir  háma  legolas  lord.of.the.rings  meriadoc.'merry'.brandybuck  orophin  peregrin.'pippin'.took  radagast  rumil  samwise.gamgee  saruman  treebeard  Éomer  Éothain  Éowyn 

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