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Excited to install some new s tomorrow in the mining rig tomorrow! I’ll make some videos showing the…
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3 days ago by toddc
3Dfx History: The GPU’s Great Turning Point?
In a few short years, the graphics card company 3Dfx Interactive provided a polygon-laden shock to the PC world—then fell apart, fast. What happened?
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4 days ago by mikael
Crypto-currency craze 'hinders search for alien life'
Demand for GPUs to mine crypto currencies is having an effect on SETI’s ability to analyse radio signals
bitcoin  gpu  seti  #tw  cryptocurrencies 
4 days ago by nrturner
The Mailbox Peripheral
Mailbox Overview The Mailbox Peripheral is a peripheral that facilitates communication between the ARM CPU and the VideoCore GPU. It starts at offset 0xB880 ...
arm  gpu  raspberrypi 
6 days ago by ianweatherhogg
Interactive GPU Programming - Part 2 - Hello OpenCL
This is really the same article as Part 1 - Hello CUDA, but with the focus on OpenCL, so I'll skip most of the narration and just show you the code.
clojure  gpu  kernel 
7 days ago by ianweatherhogg
Interactive GPU Programming - Part 1 - Hello CUDA
Today, fast number crunching means parallel programs that run on Graphical Processing Units (GPUs). Thanks to the recent highly publicized deep learning and ...
clojure  gpu  kernel 
7 days ago by ianweatherhogg

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