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Family tracking app leaked real-time location data for weeks - Engadget Mar 2018
"Family tracking apps can be very helpful if you're worried about your kids or spouse, but they can be nightmarish if that data falls into the wrong hands. Security researcher Sanyam Jain has revealed to TechCrunch that React Apps' Family Locator left real-time location data (plus other sensitive personal info) for over 238,000 people exposed for weeks in an insecure database. It showed positions within a few feet, and even showed the names for the geofenced areas used to provide alerts. You could tell if parents left home or a child arrived at school, for instance."

"While the data is safe for now, the incident illustrates a problem with tracking apps as a whole: it's difficult to verify that developers are securing your location info every step of the way. If they don't and there's a breach, it could lead to very real threats that could include physical danger."
Engadget  GPS  surveillance  data-leaks  hacking  spectrum-vulnerability  cyber-spectrum  vulnerability 
2 days ago by pierredv
Air Force experiment NTS-3 could point the way to the next generation of GPS - Mar 2019
"As an immediate response, the Air Force has begun deploying more-advanced GPS satellites, called GPS 3, designed to be more resistant to jamming and spoofing.

The Air Force also is looking for ways to shore up the PNT capabilities provided by GPS. One approach the Air Force believes could work is to supplement its medium Earth orbiting GPS constellation with an additional layer of smaller satellites in geosynchronous Earth orbit.

To test that idea, the Air Force Research Laboratory in 2022 will launch an experimental PNT satellite called NTS-3, short for Navigation Technology Satellite 3."

"As the U.S. military’s first Navigation Technology Satellite mission in 40 years, NTS-3 is intended to test new hardware including a digital signal generator that can be reprogrammed on orbit, enabling operators to quickly deploy new signals as they encounter electronic threats."

"The Air Force still has 31 GPS 2 satellites in service and has only just begun to deploy its GPS 3 constellation. "
SpaceNews  GPS  satellite  USAF  DoD 
7 days ago by pierredv
[pdf] A Holistic Approach to Protect, Toughen & Augment: Industry is Ready to Help With Resilient PNT - courtois.pdf
Jean-Yves Courtois, Chief Executive Officer, Orolia
at 22nd meeting of Space-based Positioning Navigation and Timing
Dec 5-6, 2018, Redondo Beach CA
See for agenda
8 days ago by pierredv
So You Wanna Plan a Bikepacking Route—Our Resident Pro Has Advice
The opportunities for adventure are limitless, so start with some goals before beginning to plan and research a specific route.
biketouring  maps  travel  gps  tips  cycling 
10 days ago by ssorc
GitHub - chanind/curve-matcher: Curve matching using Fréchet distance and Procrustes analysis in JS
A Javascript library for doing curve matching with Fréchet distance and Procrustes analysis.
geometry  gis  gps  Javascript 
10 days ago by euler
How to choose the best GPS for your iPad - iPad Pilot News
Our picks

Which one is best for pilots? None of these GPSs is really a bad choice, but we’ll offer two picks. For a good performer at a good price, the Dual XGPS150A is hard to beat. At just $99.95, it offers good battery life, reliable performance and a handy dash mount. It has been one of the best-selling models for years and gets good reviews from pilots.

For a deluxe model, or for pilots who fly with multiple devices in the cockpit, we like the new Bad Elf Pro+. At $249.99 it isn’t cheap, but it’s very well made and has a number of great features: an incredible 35-hour battery life, handy built-in screen, altimeter and connection to multiple devices.

You can see the entire selection of iPad GPSs at Sporty’s.
iPad  GPS 
10 days ago by euler
“Recalculating Route”: A Realistic Risk Assessment for GPS
Complete denial of GPS — via kinetic or cyber attack — while maybe technically possible, is implausible as it would connote an enormous, perhaps even apocalyptic, escalation.
GPS  satellite  space  deterrence  strategy 
11 days ago by yorksranter

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