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oss-security - Re: Recommendations GnuPG-2 replacement
"It's worth repeating: if the Acronym Agencies of various countries aren't sponsoring arms-length keyservers where they get all the traffic logs for some percentage of keyserver traffic, then they're incompetent. If they provide a useful public service and folks choose to use it, then they get the normal operator logs, because they're the operators. All legal. You don't know who is running the keyservers. You don't know what's happening to the logs. You don't know that the keyservers are trustworthy. They are, at most, a useful swamp for collecting the data from so that clients can do WoT calculations without caring about fishing in a contaminated swamp, as the WoT _if done right_ takes care of filtering out the sludge. If you care about privacy in who you talk with, get the keys from some other path, or run a keyserver, and use hkps with a certificate under your control."
security  gpg  pgp  espionage 
8 days ago by mechazoidal
Build/install instructions for GnuPG 2.2.x on Ubuntu and similar distros (formerly for 2.1.x)
Up-to-date instructions on how to download and build the latest version of GnuPG and its dependencies
gpg  security  encryption  reference  ubuntu  linux  github  gist  compiling_instructions 
12 days ago by jkglasbrenner
Yubikey or OpenPGP smartcards for newbies · Artem Sidorenko
Guide for setting up a yubikey to work with gpg on Linux. This includes what you should put in the dotfiles and how to deal with machines that have more than one smart-card reader.
tutorial  security  ssh  yubikey  gpg  encryption  configuration  settings  linux 
13 days ago by jkglasbrenner
GnuPG - ArchWiki
Configuring gnupg on modern Linux installations. Specifically for Arch Linux, but I found it useful for configuring gnupg on Ubuntu as well.
gpg  encryption  reference  linux  arch  ubuntu  configuration  settings 
13 days ago by jkglasbrenner
Hilarious rant about GnuPG, software bugs, and bad maintainers
sexism  software  opensource  pgp  gpg  gnupg  tirefire 
14 days ago by nelson

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