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Philips Covers All Bases With Smart Health Solutions At IFA GPC 2019
Philips has announced a wide array of personal health solutions at IFA Global Press Conference 2019, held in Huelva, Andalusia, Spain. With a focus on health-care related products, Philips aims to not only provide personal health solutions, but also to bring personalised healthcare to 3 billion people by 2030. At the conference, Philips announced three...

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Philips  Covers  All  Bases  With  Smart  Health  Solutions  At  IFA  GPC  2019 
april 2019 by vrzone
Did you leave me off the poll because it would just be obvious people trust me with their kids?
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december 2018 by dscassel
Supercharged Talking Oven, €1,000 4G Radio, 8K TV: IFA GPC 2018 Part 1
The envelope is always being pushed in all areas of tech. At IFA Global Press Conference 2018 held in Rome, Italy, VR Zone got an exclusive preview of the hottest tech we can expect this year. IFA is an annual show that brings tech from Europe and beyond, and the Global Press Conference precedes that...

The post Supercharged Talking Oven, €1,000 4G Radio, 8K TV: IFA GPC 2018 Part 1 appeared first on .
Supercharged  Talking  Oven  €1  000  4G  Radio  8K  TV:  IFA  GPC  2018  Part  1 
april 2018 by vrzone

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