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Taking the leap: getting staff and patients to use the NHS App - NHS Digital
When observing GP practices, we identified that the average time it took for people to book an appointment over the telephone was one minute 42 seconds, with some people taking up to ten minutes. With high numbers of appointments being booked this adds up to a lot of staff time. Supporting patients to book digitally not only saves this time, but also removes any confusion regarding the date/time of the appointment. Appointments can also be cancelled at any time night/day without long call waits, leading to fewer Did Not Attends (DNAs) // sense!
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insights from NHS Digital GP appointment data - stephen_black | Tableau Public
The best way to avoid people missing appointments: do the appointment now.
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Obesity 'causes more cases of some cancers than smoking' - BBC News
Obesity now causes more cases of four common cancers in the UK than smoking, according to a charity.

*! - More Scots are obese than smoke says Cancer Research UK
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Hundreds of villages lose their GP surgery as crisis grows across country
The figures reveal 1,946 villages which are at least three miles from the nearest GP practice - 162 more than was the case just two years ago.

They include 206 areas where patients are forced to travel at least five miles - a 12 per cent increase on 2017 - with distances of up to 14 miles in some parts of the countryside.

GPs said a shortage of more than 5,000 family doctors, with a sharp rise in...
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