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An update on the GOV.UK taxonomy
“We’re pausing as a dedicated team for the time being so that we can turn our attention to urgent Brexit work."
gds  govuk 
5 weeks ago by 1jh
Digital Service Standard
The Digital Service Standard is a set of 18 criteria to help government create and run good digital services.
government  data  govuk 
9 weeks ago by fionntan
Changing the GOV.UK to DWP in the new prototyping kit · tsmorgan/sdindwp@2819872
How to replace the Crown and GOV.UK with DWP in the new prototyping kit.
dwp  work  prototyping  govuk 
december 2018 by ghijklmno
Announcing the Application Modernisation Team - MOJ Digital & Technology
How the Ministry of Justice is transforming the justice system using digital services and technology: news, updates and comment.
moj  govuk  legacy  remote 
december 2018 by floehopper
The future of healthcare: our vision for digital, data and technology in health and care - GOV.UK
Outlines what is needed to enable the health and care system to make the best use of technology to support preventative, predictive and personalised care.
policy  govuk  nhs 
october 2018 by floehopper
Regulating for Responsible Technology: Introducing the Office for Responsible Technology
The body’s three core functions (more on each of these below) are significant undertakings in their own right and will require significant investment. Our estimate based on existing analogous bodies is that it will require in the region of £37 million a year to run — a significant sum, but a no-brainer if seen as of a long-term investment into our digital regulation infrastructure. The value of building the public’s trust in technology by mitigating digital harms and empowering regulators to allow responsible innovation to flourish is enough to pay this back a hundred times over.
govuk  uk  government  regulation  technology  techindustry 
october 2018 by beep
Digital Heroes – Neil Williams – Digital democracy, news, thinking, tips & tricks
I recently had the pleasure of heading to the big smoke to interview the lovely Neil Williams to bring back our Digital Heroes series. He's just left GDS after
govuk  gds  interview 
october 2018 by floehopper
Error message – GOV.UK Design System
This post kinda has some promising tips on writing error messages—such as “do not use words like ‘forbidden’, ‘illegal’, ‘you forgot’ and ‘prohibited’”—but then they gotta mess things up by suggesting things like this: “‘Enter a first name that is 35 characters or less’ is wordier, less direct and natural than ‘First name must be 35 characters or less’”.
errors  copywriting  forms  govuk  2018 
september 2018 by handcoding

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