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About - The Partnership on AI
In support of our mission to benefit people and society, the Partnership on AI intends to conduct research, organize discussions, share insights, provide thought leadership, consult with relevant third parties, respond to questions from the public and media, and create educational material that advances the understanding of AI technologies including machine perception, learning, and automated reasoning.
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5 days ago by Audiences
'controlling the autonomy of smart contracts' -- is coming! Lawyers and developers //…
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5 days ago by schee
Romanian Police closes obscene anti-Govt. license plates case
…The whole scandal started when a Romanian living in Sweden entered the country at the middle of July with a car whose personalized license plates, issued in Sweden, read “MUIEPSD”, an obscene message against the ruling party in Romania – PSD…

(the plate translated read „fuck PSD“)
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9 days ago by ondrejr
Inadequate Equilibria vs. Governance of the Commons
“In reality, there's a broad continuous multi-dimensional range of policy options. The villagers can split the land into private and public parts. They can spend more on law enforcement. They can police each another. They can limit the usage of common resource based on effort spent maintaining it. They can use rotational allocation of land, or maybe a lottery. And so on and so forth. But it's even more complex than that. It not just policies that determine the outcome. The nature and the particularities of the resource itself may determine the optimal policy.”
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10 days ago by danhon
As China’s Woes Mount, Xi Jinping Faces Rare Rebuke at Home | Chris Buckley | The New York Times
..“Xu has written a challenge from the cultural heart of China to the political heart of the Communist Party,” said Geremie R. Barmé, an Australian scholar of China who is translating Mr. Xu’s essay. “Its content and culturally powerful style will resonate deeply throughout the Chinese party-state system, as well as in the society more broadly.”

..Over recent months, China has been grappling with a growing trade dispute with the United States. Some Chinese foreign policy experts have suggested that the trade fights with the Trump administration could have been contained if Beijing had been more flexible and moved faster to douse triumphalist statements about its goals. “China should adopt a lower profile in dealing with international issues,” Jia Qingguo, a professor of international relations at Peking University, said at a recent forum in Beijing. “Don’t create this atmosphere that we’re about to supplant the American model.” Revelations about faulty vaccines given to hundreds of thousands of children have ignited public anger and protests, especially because the government promised to clean up after similar previous scandals. On Tuesday, Mr. Xi convened a meeting of the Politburo — a 25-member party leadership council — that warned of economic tests while promising to keep growth steady.

..“The harder question then becomes what that actually means in practice,” Mr. McGregor said in emailed answers to questions. “If it means heightened infighting in elite politics, it might result in policy paralysis and instability, rather than just a freer and more open debate.”

..Professor Xu’s future may now become a test of whether Mr. Xi will display greater tolerance of criticism. “I have said what I must and am in the hands of fate,” he wrote at the end of his essay. “Heaven will decide whether we rise or fall.”

China  Governance  Discourse 
13 days ago by AfroMaestro
The failed storefront revolution and the inner guild in all of us (059) | Legal Evolution
One of the reasons that the problem of access and affordability of legal services is still with us is that members of the legal profession are unable to agree on its root causes. Cf. Post 057 (discussing framework for solving very difficult problems). Thus, I don’t expect all readers to agree with my analysis on lessons learned from the storefront revolution.

In brief, I believe that the youthful and idealistic visions of Joel Hyatt, Len Jacoby, and Steven Meyers failed because, within the existing regulatory structure, they were unable to balance the needs of ordinary people, who were cash-strapped and intimidated by the legal system, with the needs of licensed lawyers seeking rewarding work for adequate pay.

Some practicing lawyers may resent this characterization, but Hyatt Legal Services and Jacoby & Meyers were/are professional service firms.  The fundamentals of this model are explained by David Maister in his classic book, Managing the Professional Service Firm (1993).  Obviously, a professional service firm can only succeed if it can operate profitably.  Yet, that outcome is only possible if a firm’s management can simultaneously succeed in two markets: the market for clients and the market for talent. See Post 010 (discussing model in the context of managed legal services).

The graphic below depicts the Maister model:
access  regulation  governance  competition  ethics 
13 days ago by JordanFurlong
Christendom in 1200 Words (Give or Take) | Mere Orthodoxy
“If political authorities recognized that the Lord Jesus could only reign in the hearts of men by means of persuasion, and if they recognized that His kingdom was greater than that of any commonwealth, would they not recognize their own limitations – the transience of any political order (helping to prevent state idolatry and its consequences)? Would they not recognize that, precisely because Christ loves their neighbor and commands all persons to follow Him, they must defend the orphan and widow, and allow men to come to form their opinions honestly and with conviction?”
Christendom  Governance  JosephMinich 
16 days ago by cbearden
Interrupting the legislature | Cheta Nwanze | Medium
In this country, we have a culture of blaming the Legislature when it appears opposed to the Executive. There is no more short-sighted thinking than this in a democracy. In a democratic setting, the legislative arm of government is the one closest to the people, and most resistant to dictatorship.

Whereas it is true that our legislature(s) have a lot of work to do in terms of growing and justifying the huge cost the country incurs in maintaining them, we will do well to remember that if we want to scrap any office and continue to be called a democracy, it is executive offices that will have to go. Scrapping the Executive and remaining with the Legislature will mean that we have moved from a presidential democracy to a parliamentary one. The other way round, and we would have moved to a dictatorship. This is the reason why back in the days when coups were fashionable, it was always parliament that was sacked by the soldiers.

The reason why the legislature is always scrapped in the event of a coup is the same reason that the Obasanjo government, then the GEJ government, and now the Buhari government have always found reason to attack the legislature: a legislative arm, good or bad, is an impediment to executive recklessness, impunity and ill-conceived ideas.
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18 days ago by AfroMaestro
UABB (Bi-City Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism Architecture) | 深港城市建筑双城双年展
"Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (UABB) is currently the only biennial exhibition in the world that is based exclusively on the set themes of URBANISM AND URBANIZATION. Co-organized by the two neighboring and closely interacting cities of Shenzhen and Hong Kong, UABB situates itself within the regional context of the rapidly urbanizing Pearl River Delta, concerns itself with globally common urban issues, extensively communicates and interacts with the wider public, is presented using expressions of contemporary visual culture, and engages in international and avant-garde dimensions as well as discourses of public interest."

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19 days ago by eocas
Shenzhen Center for Design (SCD) | 深圳市城市设计促进中心
"SDC was founded by the Urban Planning Land and Resource Commission of the Shenzhen Municipality and is a non-profit organization with its mission set as “to encourage and promote innovations in the design of urban spaces and environment”. Its goals are: to integrate resources from the governmental, the industrial, and the academic fields; to establish a database of design ideas and thoughts around the urban developments in Shenzhen; to offer services for designers such as communication channels, trainings,and promotion opportunities; to fully enhance and uplift the design quality of urban developments in Shenzhen; and to stimulate the transformation of Shenzhen ‘s economy to produce a better innovation industry."

For example UABB (深港城市\建筑双城双年展 Bi-City Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism\ Architecture) grew out of SCD's activities.

Fashionmeetsorganic  Agrachina  shenzhen  Guangdong  HongKong  community  Architecture  urban  Urbanism  Urbanization  NGO_NPO  Innovation  design  government  Governance  Communication  Service_Provider  Platform  events  Economy  Industry  Research  Directory_Database 
19 days ago by eocas

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