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What is Non-Invasive Data Governance? |
the execution and enforcement of authority over the management of data and data-related assets.
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yesterday by ltalley
To Woo Amazon, Cities Tackle Everything From Traffic to Housing - WSJ
In a somewhat (for me) unexpected plot twist, cities across the US seem to demonstrate that they are able to address their worst problems that they had been struggling with for years if not decades—from affordable housing to public transport to legislative gridlock. How come? They're all competing for Amazon's second HQ which would bring up to 50.000 jobs and 5 billion dollars of investment over the next 20 years. So they're all scrambling to get their shit together after, well, apparently *not getting their shit together for decades*. This is absurd, delightful, terrifying. I mean, good it appears possible to get stuff done. But my god, only when a tech company moves their staff onsite? Come on!
newsletter  politics  policy  tech  governance 
yesterday by thewavingcat
16 Must Have Tools of a Content Management System -
Summary:  A content management system goes far beyond simple document storage. Check your intranet toolbox to make sure your organization’s document management software has your team set up for success.
cms  governance  intranet 
2 days ago by fwhamm
Nova Scotia’s Stealth Revolution - Not Just For Lawyers
With these decisions, Nova Scotia has gone beyond the theory of its Policy Framework in order to implement both entity regulation and compliance-based regulation in a concrete manner. While Nova Scotia’s regulations in this regard will continue to evolve, and in all likelihood evolve considerably, that does not detract from the significance of these initial, ground breaking decisions. Admittedly, from the perspective of England & Wales and Australia, there is nothing ground breaking about them, given that those countries adopted entity regulation as well as “outcomes focused regulation” (England & Wales) and “proactive, management based regulation” (or “PMBR,” a term Ted Schneyer coined for Australia) quite some time ago. However, from the perspective of Canada and the United States, the NSBS decisions are ground breaking indeed. No other Canadian province or US state has even come close to adopting entity regulation or compliance-based regulation to this extent. Not yet, anyway. (Illinois and Colorado have taken tentative first steps).
regulation  governance  ethics  clementi 
6 days ago by JordanFurlong
The problem with voting – Nadia Eghbal
Voting is: 1) never truly representative, 2) a competitive game.
governance  opensource  politics 
6 days ago by danielbachhuber
Digital government transformation | Deloitte | Government benefits, Benefits to citizens
How do various nations view the shifting global trends and what does the future look like for digital technology in the public sector?
governance  government  digitalization 
8 days ago by ltalley
Exploring digital transformation in government | Deloitte Insights
Government bodies seeking to make the transformation to digital are often hampered by cultures, processes, and skill sets that are out of step with a technologically advanced, citizen-centric era. How can they overcome these barriers?
governance  government  digitalization 
8 days ago by ltalley
(infographic) Digital transformation in government | Deloitte Insights
More than 76 percent of surveyed public sector leaders perceive digital technologies to be disrupting the public sector. Yet only 41 percent are satisfied with their organization’s current reaction to digital trends.
governance  government  digitalization 
8 days ago by ltalley
Julian Dibbell » A Rape in Cyberspace
two separate and credible sources revealed to me that the virtual psychosis of Mr. Bungle had been even starker than anyone guessed: that the Bungle account had been the more or less communal property of an entire NYU dorm floor, that the young man at the keyboard on the evening of the rape had acted not alone but surrounded by fellow students calling out suggestions and encouragement, that conceivably none of those people were speaking for Bungle when he showed up in emmeline’s room to answer for the crime, that Dr. Jest himself, thought commonly to have reincarnated the whole Bungle and nothing but the Bungle, in fact embodied just one member of the original mob — just one scattered piece of a self more irreparably fragmented than any RL multiple personality could ever fear to be.
violence  sex  network  psychology  governance  +++++ 
9 days ago by jonippolito

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