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Pet Shop Boys lampoon Donald Trump and Michael Gove on new song | Music | The Guardian
One lyric sung by Neil Tennant runs: “Intelligent people have had their say / It’s time for the foolish to show the way … We’ve had quite enough of experts and their dealings / Why face the facts when you can just feel the feelings?” This is a riff on Gove’s infamous statement ahead of the Brexit vote that “people in this country have had enough of experts”.
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School exclusions ‘put children at risk of gang grooming’ | Education | The Guardian
‘Off-rolling’ difficult students to boost exam results is fuelling gang violence, says children’s czar
UK  education  policy  Austerity  league  table  Ofsted  Tories  nasty  party  Conservative  JAM  Theresa  May  Michael  Gove  Schools  Society  Gesellschaft 
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RT : Always like reposting this by when he talks about the best interests of the country...
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E15 Initiative | Brexit and the European cumulation of origin: The case of the textile industry
While in the EU, the UK has access to Europe’s cumulation zone known as the Pan–Euro–Med (PEM) zone. The PEM zone currently comprises the EU, the EFTA States (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein), Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, the Faroe Islands, Israel, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Morocco, Palestine, Serbia, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey (and partially Andorra and San Marino). It is based on trade agreements (FTAs, customs unions, etc.) with identical rules of origin signed between members.

> I wonder if this is what Gove was babbling about?
The PEM Convention allows for cumulation of originating materials between different countries within the zone. In some cases, the operations conferring origin of non-originating materials can take place across the entire cumulation zone. The latter, referred to as full cumulation, in the context of the PEM zone operates within the European Economic Area (EEA) and between the EU and Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.
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Universities announce fees above £9,000 limit
Universities in England are already announcing a tuition fee increase above the £9,000 limit before Parliament has even finished debating plans which would pave the way to raise fees.
University  tuition  fee  Conservative  Party  Tories  nasty  Justine  Greening  Nicky  Morgan  Michael  Gove  Theresa  May  David  Cameron  Nick  Clegg  Liberal  Democrats  UK  student  debt  Loan  Bubble  StudentLoans  student  student  loans  discretionary  spending  disposable  income  debt  servitude 
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RT : 's battle against the experts. Explained.
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How the Brexit vote unleashed a mutiny against the old order | Politics | The Guardian
But the revolution that had delivered Brexit, driven in large part by white working-class votes, was sweeping all before it in the most unpredictable way – careers and ambitions, along with what had seemed the safest of assumptions. The aftershocks of the referendum were wreaking havoc with the old system. //&! How bad can Brexit be if it has made bankers think about inequality? [...] Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) immediately called Brexit the “biggest electoral riposte yet to [the] age of inequality”. Investment group Pimco, which manages $1.5 trillion of bonds, warned clients about the “battle against inequality”. Meanwhile French giant Axa (with €666bn under its belt) concluded: “UK voters have taken their frustrations about income inequality out on the EU.” - //&! decades long neglect from Westminster, Whitehall, No Representation - &
disenfranchise  disenfranchised  Brexit  Eton  Toff  Privileged  Establishment  Whitehall  Westminster  No  Representation  David  Cameron  Boris  Johnson  Michael  Gove  Theresa  May  Conservative  Party  Protest  Vote  inequality  Gini  coefficient  social  mobility  income  mobility  squeezed  middle  class  Precariat  working  poor  poverty  child  poverty  student  debt  election  campaign  promises  Career  Politicians  politician  Tony  Blair  GFC  recovery  Donald  Trump  AfD  far-right  right-wing  Front  National  Germany  France  populism  demagogue  demagogy  Nationalism  Nationalismus  Privatisation  austerity  economic  history  globalisation  globalization  structural  unemployment  long-term  unemployment  youth  unemployment 
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