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Why Do Conservatives Make Excuses for Donald Trump? - The Atlantic
Some commentators are bending over backwards to make excuses for the president.
Donald Trump’s brazen violation of principles American conservatives were once thought to cherish—from free trade to family values to a hard line against America’s foes—has split right-leaning pundits into three camps. At one extreme are the pure sycophants. For them, conservatism is whatever Trump says it is. Many, like Sebastian Gorka, were unknown until Trump’s presidency, which means they can applaud whatever he does without worrying that people will notice they’ve abandoned principles they formerly held. At the other extreme are anti-Trump conservatives like George Will, Bret Stephens, and David Frum, who frankly acknowledge that Trump has desecrated conservative principles—along with liberal democratic ones—and as a result denounce him in the harshest of terms.
Then there’s the middle group: The “to be sure” conservatives. They want to remain faithful to principles they once championed. But they also want to be as faithful as possible to a president who enjoys near 90 percent approval among Republican voters. Thus, their writing includes “to be sure” paragraphs that breeze by Trump’s blatant assaults on long-held conservative values in their rush to find something, anything, to congratulate him for.
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The Sharp CNN Commentator Telling Trumpers 'Boy, Bye' | Politics & Power | OZY
Because she’s keeping CNN woke.
Her eyes open wide and turn left as she blinks and looks away from her CNN co-panelist, Kayleigh McEnany, who is extolling Donald Trump’s good deeds. The effect is cartoonish — and secures the Eye Roll in the Angela Rye pantheon of internet gold.
She’s made for a social media video-clip age, in which a well-debated point means you DESTROYED someone. YouTube is crammed with Rye highlights, from using a Beyoncé-inspired “Boy, bye” to shut down Trump ally Corey Lewandowski to calling talk-show host and former congressman Joe Walsh a “bigot” who doesn’t deserve a televised platform. But it is the Eye Roll that best captures how Rye lets you know what she thinks, even when it’s not her turn to speak. Or, as her former boss, Mississippi Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson, puts it: “She’s not bashful.”
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Lefsetz Letter » Blog Archive » Strzok
Defiant. Knowledgeable. Unrehearsed. Intense.
I don’t care which side of the aisle you’re on, whether you’re a Trumpster or not, one thing is clear, you weren’t gonna mess with Peter Strzok.
For far too long the government has been demonized. Taxes. Unions too. Inept people sucking at the tit of the American economy. The right has defined the debate, the left has remained silent, or played into the right’s trap. To the point where people believe government doesn’t work and all politicians are bad and the best idea is to put the government in a tub and drown it.
This is the guy who captured the illegals. This is the guy who inspired “The Americans.” This is a patriot. This is someone who takes his job seriously. While you’re posting to Instagram, he’s saving your ability to do so. WHAT AN INSPIRATION!
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Kodak Bitcoin Mining 'Scam' Killed by SEC
Back in January, the tech world balked when a Kodak-branded Bitcoin miner called the Kodak KashMiner was unveiled at the CES trade show in Las Vegas. It seems that photography and cryptocurrency enthusiasts weren’t the only ones that balked: the US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) actually blocked the KashMiner from moving forward.
BBC News reports that the Kodak KashMiner scheme collapsed after critics called the product a “scam” and the SEC responded by halting its sale.
What’s more, Kodak tells the BBC that the third-party company behind the Kodak-branded miner, Spotlite USA, never officially licensed the Kodak brand for use on the miner, which was apparently a rebadged version of the popular Antminer S9 by the Chinese company Bitmain.
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The Mueller Investigation Keeps Growing Fast | FiveThirtyEight
At a surprise news conference on Friday, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced that the Justice Department would be charging 12 Russian intelligence officers with a wide range of offenses, including conspiracies to hack the Democratic National Committee, state election systems and other targets. This brings the total number of the people charged in connection with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election to 32.
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FBI Investigator Rejects Accusations of Anti-Trump Bias  - The Atlantic
Special Agent Peter Strzok weathered hours of testimony that included pointed questions from Republicans accusing him of being hostile to the president.
Republicans hammered FBI Agent Peter Strzok over several hours of testimony Thursday, seeking to discredit the long-running federal investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, and to portray Strzok as a symbol of an agency hopelessly tainted by bias against President Donald Trump. The hearing quickly descended into a partisan spectacle that Strzok warned would be “another victory notch” in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s belt. Through it all, Strzok maintained that he had never compromised his duties, and that the investigation was both justified and being carried out with the highest integrity.
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Peter Strzok Hearing: Watch FBI Agent’s Searing Testimony
FBI agent Peter Strzok has long been one of — if not the — central villain in the Republican Party’s (fictional) story of how “deep state” Democrats conspired to exonerate Hillary Clinton for her criminal email activity — and then launch a “witch hunt” aimed at destroying an innocent Donald Trump.
This is because Strzok had participated in both the Hillary Clinton email investigation and the special counsel’s probe into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia — but was removed from the latter last summer, after an internal investigation discovered that he had expressed a low opinion of Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential race in text messages with his colleague Lisa Page. (Why this was supposed to be scandalous is unclear — a hefty chunk of congressional Republicans publicly expressed the same opinion at various points in 2016.)
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The Strzok hearing damaged our democracy - The Washington Post
TEMPERS BOILED over on Capitol Hill Thursday as Peter Strzok, the FBI official at the center of President Trump’s attempts to discredit special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, testified before a joint meeting of two House oversight committees. With all its yelling and interruptions, the hearing was a fitting coda to the hyperpartisan farce of an investigation that House Republicans have conducted into the FBI and Mr. Mueller’s Russia probe.
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Republicans Thought Peter Strzok Would Be a Punching Bag. He Just Knocked Them Out.
He was supposed to be a key in the imaginary conspiracy Trump’s congressional lackeys and media fantasists have desperately tried to write as history. He was having none of it.
Those who forget the lessons of televised congressional hearings are doomed to repeat them, which is why the morning segment of the Capitol Hill show trial of veteran FBI agent and former head of the Bureau’s Counterespionage division Peter Strzok turned into a disaster for Republicans.
Donald Trump’s congressional enablers, sycophants, and political suck-ups wanted a punching bag, but Strzok instead delivered one of the rarest of moments: the full Joseph N. Welch.
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Peter Strzok just gave a hard-to-rebut defense of the objectivity of the Russia investigation’s origins - The Washington Post
To hear President Trump tell it, FBI agent Peter Strzok was hopelessly biased against him and his candidacy. Trump has tweeted criticisms of Strzok repeatedly, often in personally disparaging terms, and on at least two occasions has suggested that Strzok’s involvement in the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election had a specific goal: preventing him from becoming president.
Strzok was a central player in the dueling investigations during the 2016 campaign. He was involved in the initial investigation into former secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server and opened the investigation into possible connections between Trump’s campaign and the Russian effort to influence the election’s outcome. He was subsequently involved in special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s continuation of that investigation until Mueller learned of texts Strzok sent to Lisa Page, another FBI employee with whom the agent was engaged in an extramarital relationship. Those texts included some disparaging Trump in stark terms, prompting Mueller to remove him from the effort last July.
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Russia Indictment Proves Robert Mueller Has the Goods on Collusion
Wittingly or unwittingly, a huge cast of American characters was in on the plot.
The conspiracy had as its object impairing, obstructing, and defeating the lawful governmental functions of the United States by dishonest means in order to enable the Defendants to interfere with U.S. political and electoral processes, including the 2016 U.S. presidential election.
—United States of America v. Internet Research Agency et. al.
Goddamn them all.
Goddamn the hackers. Goddamn the journalists who laundered the pilfered material. Goddamn any of them who treated Roger Stone as a source, or as a cute prankster, instead of the nasty vandal he’s always been. Goddamn the pundits who chortled over the pilfered material. Goddamn the politicians who profited from the hacking. Goddamn the politicians who minimized the hacking. Goddamn the politicians who still stonewall about the hacking. Goddamn the “activists” who ranted about “McCarthyism” when anybody pointed out that the 2016 presidential election had been poisoned from afar. Goddamn them all as traitors, if not to the American nation, then to everything that ever made that nation worth the bother.
They conspired, wittingly or unwittingly. They colluded, wittingly or unwittingly. They are accessories, before and after the fact, to the hijacking of a democratic election. So, yes, goddamn them all.
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Mueller’s Blockbuster Indictment of Russian Officials - The Atlantic
With the special counsel’s latest indictment, Americans are one step closer to knowing the truth of what happened during the 2016 election.
It’s always on Fridays. Almost like clockwork, each new indictment from the Special Counsel’s office released on a Friday afternoon, just in time to disrupt the weekend news cycle. Not that anyone is complaining, because this week’s indictment is a blockbuster—an 11-count indictment of 12 Russian military officers alleging that they engaged in a hacking campaign against Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.
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12 Russian Intelligence Officers Indicted In Mueller Investigation | HuffPost
A grand jury convened by special counsel Robert Mueller brought the charges in connection to the DNC hack during the 2016 campaign.
WASHINGTON ― A grand jury convened by special counsel Robert Mueller indicted 12 Russian intelligence officials in connection with the hack of a DNC server during the 2016 election.
All 12 of the defendants were connected to GRU, a Russian Federation intelligence agency within the Russian military.
Defendants registered the domain “” and falsely claimed to be “American hacktivists.” They used Facebook and Twitter to promote the website.
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12 Russian Agents Indicted in Mueller Investigation - The New York Times
WASHINGTON — The special counsel investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election issued an indictment of 12 Russian intelligence officers on Friday in the hacking of the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton presidential campaign. The indictment came only three days before President Trump was planning to meet with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia in Helsinki, Finland.
The 29-page indictment is the most detailed accusation by the American government to date of the Russian government’s interference in the 2016 election, and it includes a litany of brazen Russian subterfuge operations meant to foment chaos in the months before Election Day.
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12 Russian intel officers indicted for hacking the DNC and Clinton campaign | Ars Technica
Charges are part of the probe into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential campaign.
The US Justice Department on Friday filed criminal indictments that accuse 12 Russian intelligence officers of carrying out the 2016 hacks on the Democratic National Committee and the campaign of Hillary Clinton. The officers—one of whom operated under the persona of Guccifer 2.0—then dispersed sensitive communications in an attempt to influence the results of the 2016 election, prosecutors alleged.
The indictments were filed by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, who is investigating possible collusion between the presidential campaign of President Donald Trump and the Russian spies US intelligence agencies say interfered with the 2016 election. So far, Mueller’s team has indicted 32 people, including members of a Russian company that blanketed social media with fake news stories and senior members of the Trump campaign. Friday’s indictments were disclosed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein at a press conference in Washington, DC.
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US Charges 12 Russian Intelligence Officers for Hacking DNC, Running DCLeaks
BREAKING —The US Department of Justice (DOJ) indicted today 12 Russian intelligence agents on hacking charges related to the 2016 US Presidential Election.
According to a copy of the indictment obtained by Bleeping Computer, the 12 accused are part of Unit 26165 and Unit 74455 of the Russian government's Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU), the country's military intelligence service.
Group accused of infamous DNC hack
The DOJ claims the group is responsible for hacking the computer systems of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and the Democratic National Committee (DNC), in 2016, ahead of the US Presidential Election. The group also actively targeted and hacked individual members part of the Clinton Campaign, the DOJ said.
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Mueller indicts 12 Russians for hacking into DNC - POLITICO
The indictments come days before Trump is set to meet Putin in Helsinki.
Special counsel Robert Mueller indicted 12 Russian military officers on Friday, and accused them of hacking into the Democratic National Committee to sabotage the 2016 presidential election.
The indictments, announced by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, come just days before a scheduled Monday summit in Helsinki between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.
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Mueller investigation: 12 Russians indicted for hacking, Rosenstein announces - The Washington Post
A dozen Russian military intelligence officers were indicted Friday on charges they hacked Democrats’ computers, stole their data and published those files to disrupt the 2016 election — the clearest connection to the Kremlin established so far by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation of interference in the presidential campaign.
The indictment against members of the Russian military agency known as the GRU marks the first time Mueller has taken direct aim at the Russian government, accusing specific military units and their named officers of a sophisticated, sustained effort to hack the computer networks of Democratic organizations and the Hillary Clinton campaign.
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Mueller probe: 12 Russians indicted for DNC hack - CNNPolitics
Washington (CNN)The Justice Department announced indictments against 12 Russian nationals as part of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election, accusing them of engaging in a "sustained effort" to hack Democrats' emails and computer networks.
All 12 defendants are members of the GRU, a Russian federation intelligence agency within the main intelligence directorate of the Russian military, who were acting in "their official capacities."
The revelations provide more detail on the sophisticated assault on the US election in 2016, including the release of emails designed to damage Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
The indictment was announced at almost exactly the moment that President Donald Trump rolled into the quadrangle of Windsor Castle to meet the awaiting Queen Elizabeth II in the symbolic highpoint of his visit to Britain.
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President Donald Trump's Child Migrant Crisis Has Awoken Something in the Resistance—and the Country
The country's head is clearing. The spell of the reality show presidency* is wearing off.
Optimism may be illusory, but it’s all we have at this point, so, when it stirs, anywhere, it’s worthy of nurture and support. Over the past week, ever since the administration*’s crimes against humanity along the southern border were revealed, there became an edge to the political opposition that has not been there through all the marches and the rhetoric that have attended this government since the president* was inaugurated. Up until now, all of the #Resistance has contained a barely acknowledged undercurrent of futility. It was not that the opposition was empty. It was that it generally broke like a wave on a seawall when it collided with the immutable fact that the president*’s party controlled every lever of political power at the federal level, as well as a great number of them out in the states, too.
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