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Switchel Recipe - Google Docs
(This is Adrian’s switchel recipe.)

“// 16X (approx 1 gallon) AB modifications
“• 2 cups apple cider vinegar (I use the hippie stuff: Bragg’s)
“• Juice of 2 limes (optional)
“• 1 ⅓ cup sweetener (I usually split evenly between maple syrup + honey)
“• ⅓ cup (or a little more) grated fresh ginger
“• 1 gallon water

“1. Bring water to boil.
“2. Add grated ginger (usually I do this in a tea steeper but you can also just put it in loose and strain it later.)
“3. Add about 1 cup of sweetener.
“4. Wait for it to cool to warm. (You’ll want to be able to taste it.)
“5. Add limes if desired. Add about 1.5 cups of apple cider vinegar.
“6. Taste and add more apple cider vinegar or sweetener as desired.”
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25 days ago by handcoding
Get on the same page: new Google Docs features power team collaboration
(It looks like Google Docs still isn’t quite there yet.)
“You can preview accept all, but you can’t edit while that preview is turned on. I want to be able to read through a version that includes all my edits to see if I messed anything up (usually doubled or missing words, weird punctuation) and also fix those mess-ups.”
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29 days ago by handcoding
Do Capybaras Dream of Google Docs? | The New Yorker
In some tidy corner of my Drive sits a draft studded with useful anecdotes, illustrating what it is like to type while your boss watches, to receive e-mail notifications every time a reader inserts a comment, and to send an automated message to your editor (accidentally!) informing her that you have rejected all seventy-four of her changes. (Oops.) Graduate students, in such fields as linguistics and psychology, revealed unwritten codes of conduct for group projects in Google Docs. (Suggest, never delete.) Bridesmaids touted the glories of the collaborative seating chart. My sister, Emmy Waldman, riffed on the “differently colored text cursors dancing or racing” in a game of intellectual bumper cars; she described the “cheerfully blinking sign of someone else’s attention,” which made the solitary sentence production of her English dissertation feel more like a multiplayer jaunt through virtual reality. My essay raised chewy questions about the nature of authorship, and whether good writing can happen by committee, and how much people should think about their audience when they craft prose.
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6 weeks ago by oddhack
You Don't Need WordPress: Create A Blog With Google Docs
What it says, which is an interesting idea. (via Giles Turnbull)
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6 weeks ago by philgyford
Display images from Google Drive – Documentation - Awesome Table Support
How to take images from a Google Drive folder and put them into a spreadsheet cell.
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6 weeks ago by amann
Can I sort a column according to the last word in each cell within that column??
Can I sort a column according to the last word in each cell within that column??
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10 weeks ago by atog

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