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James Harbeck on Twitter: "This is very useful! @Piglita has compiled a Google doc listing 55 articles on singular "they" (disclosure: a couple…"
"This is very useful! @Piglita has compiled a Google doc listing 55 articles on singular "they" ªª ºº (disclosure: a couple of them are mine, and quite a few more are by friends of mine)"
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2 days ago by handcoding
When disability tech is just a marketing exercise | The Outline
"This cycle is a common one. Companies know that accessibility projects can garner great press. They also probably know that many journalists are unlikely to follow up and see whether the big promises are actually coming true. So they flaunt their minimal or nonexistent ties to accessibility, reap the glowing media coverage, and let the projects slip quietly into the night.

BMW got great press for making four special chairs for the Paralympics, but it seems to have stopped at those four. The Dot, a braille smartwatch, is a darling among journalists who call it the “first smartwatch for the blind,” but all it does is display some text from your phone in braille. Apple’s smartwatch is actually far more useful for blind users. Companies also advertise products as being accessible, but these claims are rarely put to the test.

Google is a repeat offender when it comes to claiming accessibility brownie points while failing to provide truly accessible tech, said Kit Englard, an assistive technology specialist. “If you read anything from Google it says: Google is accessible, it works with screen readers. Eh, it doesn’t really,” she says. Google Docs and Google Drive are both notoriously hard to use with a screen reader (a system, usually incorporating audio, that blind and low-vision people use to access visual content). “The way to force a screen reader to work with Google Docs, you have to go into your screen reader, turn it off in some ways, and then go back into Google Doc,” Englard said. “You have to memorize a whole series of commands that are completely different from any other commands you’d be used to.”

Vaporware — the term for products and features touted to the press that never materialize — is endemic in tech. When that non-existent product is a smartwatch or a sex robot, the harm is minimal. But when companies claim they are building products for people with disabilities and then don’t, Englard says that does real damage. More and more big companies are adopting systems like Google Drive, thinking that they are accessible, when in fact they’re not, which could lock disabled people out of jobs and promotions. “When they ask ‘is our equipment accessible to you?’ and the answer is no, that person can’t have that job. It’s not okay to lock people out of educational opportunities or social engagements or research,” Englard said. “Think of how many surveys are done on Google Docs these days.”"
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7 days ago by robertogreco
firefox-webext-list - Google Sheets
This Google Docs page is a crowdsourced list of Firefox extensions and their status for ports to work with Firefox 57.

(via this Reddit thread:
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26 days ago by handcoding
Google Drive ate our homework! Doc block blamed on code blunder • The Register
THomas Claburn:
<p>An indeterminate but supposedly small number of Google Docs users on Tuesday found that their essays, reports, school assignments, tracts, and manifestos had run afoul of Google's terms of service and had been made inaccessible.

Some users reported being unable to share their documents; others said their documents could not be viewed in Google Drive; and a few claimed their work had been lost, though we're told what was lost has been found again.

Several hours ago, Bhaskar Sunkara, founder of Jacobin magazine, via Twitter said an article on Eastern Europe's post-socialist policies had vanished from his Google Drive space due to a terms of service (ToS) violation.

Rachel Bale, a reporter for National Geographic, said a draft of a story about wildlife crime had been frozen for a ToS violation.

And Jason Heppler, an assistant professor of history at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, posted a screenshot showing that a requested file had been deleted from Google Drive.

Similar tales <a href="!topic/docs/PImCWRuosbY;context-place=forum/docs">litter the Google Docs Help Forum</a>.

The incident prompted reiterations of longstanding concerns about the downside of cloud-based services, namely that files stored remotely can be swept away at any time for any reason. And it comes at a time when Google and its peers are under scrutiny in the US for not knowing more about those who share content and pay for ads on social platforms.</p>

Blamed on the "flagging" software for "bad content" having gone haywire. Relax, everything's in the cloud.
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5 weeks ago by charlesarthur
Google deleting docs?
People saying they lost their work because Google claimed it violated terms of service
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5 weeks ago by nelson
Regelmäßiges Backup/Download der Dokumente kann nicht schaden (Tutorial:…
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5 weeks ago by eoto
Enter CheckMark - EdTechTeam
Google Doc extension which creates a list of standard feedback comments and the teacher or students can select from this list.
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6 weeks ago by amann
Join me for an awesome event on November 4th! I’ll be sharing Google ! & Level Up Your !…
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7 weeks ago by pluke17
The 32 Best Google Docs Add-ons in 2017
A word processor requires very little—a blank page, typography tools, and a way to save, print, or share your finished documents. The earliest word processors like Word for DOS and WordPerfect offered little more than that.
An update here, a new version there, and 30+ years later, word processors...
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9 weeks ago by daledavies_me

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