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Torching the Modern-Day Library of Alexandria
“Somewhere at Google there is a database containing 25 million books and nobody is allowed to read them.”
author:James-Somers  books  Google_Books 
april 2017 by dylla
How Google Book Search Got Lost – Backchannel
Google Books was the company’s first moonshot. But 15 years later, the project is stuck in low-Earth orbit.
april 2017 by stacker
SPIN - Google Books
omg full color scan time capsule. what a weird/fun/conflicty/contradictory time to be coming of age

the ads are also killin me :-D
spin  magazine  1997  1990s  scan  image  google_books  girl  nostalgia  feminism  riot_grrrl  culture  music  fiona_apple  women  musician  true_crime  list 
october 2016 by cluebucket
Erasmus as a Translator of the Classics - Erika Rummel - Google Books
"We talk of letters till we fall asleep, our dreams are dreams of letters, and literature awakens us to begin a new day."
Erasmus  Google_Books  books  literature  16thC 
july 2016 by Preoccupations
Google Ngram Viewer
Google Books Información sobre Google Ngram viewer, búsquedas
avanzadas, documentación, etc.
google_books  google  language  computation 
june 2016 by alonsoj
The March Toward Democratization Of Copyright - Law360
Copyright law was always designed to balance the interests of creators against the public good of having creations eventually enter the public sphere. For many years, the application of copyright protection tended toward the preservation of economic interests of authors. However, tides are turning, says New York trial and appellate attorney Sam Israel.
fair_use  copyright  google  google_books 
march 2016 by sordomudo11
Google’s slow fade with librarians — The Message — Medium
We were having our own doubts, of course. How could you not? The Google Books project seemed to be letting itself go. Things any librarian would notice: bad scans; faulty metadata; narrowing the scope of public domain; having machines do jobs that should be done (or at least overseen) by humans. They seemed to be restricting and worsening access to cultural content, not expanding and improving it. Maybe we were going in different directions?
google  google_books  library 
february 2016 by stacker

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