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Lifewire 10 of Google's other search engines
Google Custom Search Engine
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6 hours ago by Cloudwalker
Tech kings' greatest enemy is in the mirror • Bloomberg Gadfly
Shira Ovide:
<p>Advertisers can't afford to boycott Google for long. Neither can the company afford to brush off the squabble with its usual promises to do better next time because signs of a rebellion are brewing. An executive from the world’s biggest advertiser, Procter & Gamble, said recently that his company could no longer tolerate the long-standing flaws of digital advertising such as fraudulent ad clicks and erroneous measurement. Walt Disney was spooked when it turned out the company was doing business with a YouTube series laced with anti-Semitic messages. My colleague Leila Abboud <a href="">has suggestions for what Google can do differently</a>.

This feels different from the many, many controversies Google has weathered over the years, including previous flaps over how it polices material. The pushback isn’t coming from its users, regulators, journalists or the newspaper and television companies that are losing sales to Google. This time, the companies that pay Google’s bills are the ones complaining. (Advertising accounts for 88 percent of Alphabet’s annual revenue and 97 percent of Facebook's.)

The gripes about Google -- and similar finger-pointing about bogus information spreading on Facebook -- aren’t new, but the complaints are growing louder as the companies' power grows. And in part, they have themselves to blame. Google and Facebook boast that their sophisticated technology can pinpoint 100 people who might buy a new pair of jeans. So why can’t those geniuses sniff out when an internet star's videos are laced with anti-Semitic commentary or accurately track how long people watch videos?</p>
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10 hours ago by charlesarthur
Distill — Latest articles about machine learning
innovative journal on machine learning using github submission and continuous peer review
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10 hours ago by chriskeene
Easier said than done – David Graham – Medium
I pointed out that in a book review in the British Medical Journal (“The Paradox of Progress,” BMJ, May 27, 1995; 310:1418) Douglas Carnall wrote:

Not everything that can be counted, counts; and not everything that counts can be counted. Sir George Pickering’s splendid epigram apparently graced Einstein’s wall, and it is a good summary of the spirit of James Willis’s personal and anecdotal foray into the philosophy of holism.

As I wrote at the time, “I’m sure there are much more authoritative sources than that. If Einstein displayed that quote on his wall (I’ve seen accounts that said he had chalked it on his blackboard at Princeton), did it lead people to mistakenly attribute it to him — and if so, are we perpetuating an error on a massive scale? Is there a way to determine whether it was Pickering or Einstein who actually said that — and does it matter?”

This sparked some internal debate, and Google quietly killed Quotes of the Day.
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17 hours ago by juliusbeezer

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