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Musical virtual assistant that works on goog home, slack and web. Parses natural language with dialogflow and then queries a music KG. The web demo is nice as you chat via a virtual phone
repo  dialogflow  google-home 
5 weeks ago by cldwalker
Google Home API (unofficial)
Query the status of a Google Home device and change settings, including resetting device and query local bluetooth devices. No auth required!!
google-assistant  google-home  api  documentation  reference 
january 2019 by adamcohenrose
Google wants to improve your smart home with iRobot’s room maps
Google and Roomba are partnering to reuse mapping data procured while vacuuming for a variety of other smart home functions. Could be useful, could be creepy.
google-home  smart-home  home-automation  google  roomba 
december 2018 by irace
Google Assistant actions
Searchable index of actions with examples per action
google-home  page 
november 2018 by cldwalker
Google Home (in)Security
0 authentication on some setup APIs, including 'delete the current wifi network config' -- pretty major lack of security
auth  security  fail  google  google-home 
october 2018 by jm

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