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Thieves of Experience: How Google and Facebook Corrupted Capitalism - Los Angeles Review of Books
Whatever its imperfections, Shoshana Zuboff's "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism" is an original and brilliant work, and it arrives at a crucial moment.
google  facebook  surveillance  capitalism  privacy 
5 hours ago by iredwards
Boxy Suite - The best Gmail client for Mac
一款融合了 Gmail 和 Google Calendar 的 Mac 应用,美观实用
google  Mac软件 
8 hours ago by huangjingyun
Google AI Blog: Looking Back at Google’s Research Efforts in 2018
2018 was an exciting year for Google's research teams, with our work advancing technology in many ways, including fundamental computer science research results and publications, the application of our research to emerging areas new to Google (such as healthcare and robotics), open source software contributions and strong collaborations with Google product teams, all aimed at providing useful tools and services. Below, we highlight just some of our efforts from 2018, and we look forward to what will come in the new year. For a more comprehensive look, please see our publications in 2018.
google  ai  machinelearning  photography  algorithms  science  research 
8 hours ago by ssorc
USB Audio Streaming : UMA-8 USB mic array - V2.0
The UMA-8 is a high-performance yet low cost multichannel USB microphone array built around XMOS multicore technology. Seven high-performance MEMS microphones are configured in a circular arrangement to provide high-quality voice capture for a wide range of applications.
microphone  far  field  electronics  assistant  sound  google  home  alexa  array  beam  beamforming 
8 hours ago by amallik
Canary analysis: Lessons learned and best practices from Google and Waze | Google Cloud Blog
Waze, maker of the community-based traffic navigation app, estimates that canary releases can prevent a quarter of all incidents on their services.
infrastructure  web  development  google 
11 hours ago by bradbarrish
More ways to gain immediate visibility for your and services in Posts
Google  Products  from twitter
11 hours ago by jhill5

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