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Concrete Reinforcement Products - PDF
Looks like a pretty good resource. Might bring you somewhat up-to-date on current accessories. Lots of stuff in this 20-page document.
rebar  supports  accessories  goodstuff 
12 weeks ago by brentfarwick
Bit Twiddling Hacks
Very clever bit twiddling hacks. The list of tricks is long and clever.
programming  bit  twiddling  microcontroller  low_level  goodstuff 
may 2018 by brentfarwick
Show HN: How to Tune a Guitar | Hacker News
Lots of really good comments and explanations on how to tune a guitar.
guitar  tuning  music  goodstuff 
may 2018 by brentfarwick
How a ’50s-Era New York Knife Law Has Landed Thousands in Jail | Village Voice
The arrogance of police and prosecutors is on full display here. That they have ruined, wilfully and avoidably, hundreds of lives is of no concern to them. The next time someone trots out the, "99% of all police officers are good guys just trying to do their job," just point them at this article. Knowing the consequences of the arrests they make, and the deceitful manner in which they routinely attempt to demonstrate (in court) that knives that are not reasonably gravity knives are gravity knives, such claims about the percentage of cops who are "good guys" doing a tough job simply cannot be credited.

The nonsensical idea that cops as a group somehow escape the normal distribution of lousy, average, and good that is evident in every other profession is as laughable as it is evidently dangerous. Any group in which we vest great power over the lives of other people should be scrutinized carefully, with suspicion being the default attitude.

From the article:
Knives are used in thousands of attacks in New York City every year, many of them fatal. But no law enforcement agency in New York City was willing, even after repeated requests, to explain what makes gravity knives more dangerous than other kinds of folding knives.
police  knives  prosecutor  law  goodstuff 
may 2018 by brentfarwick
AstroNavigation | Vanderbilt University
Oooohhh! This looks so good! Learn to find your way around with a sextant, complete with needed theory and problems.
celestial  navigation  astro  sextant  goodstuff 
may 2018 by brentfarwick
Home | Paul Whipp Consulting
Good stuff covering lots of useful linux topics. tar, sql, git, aws, python, php, django
linux  web  tar  git  goodstuff 
may 2018 by brentfarwick
Why we should bulldoze the business school | News | The Guardian
This is very interesting. Delves into how the implicit assumptions of what's good about business drives much of bad behavior.
business  school  mba  greed  rent_seeking  goodstuff 
april 2018 by brentfarwick
Category GUI
boatloads of cool tcl/tk gui stuff
tcl  tk  gui  programming  goodstuff 
march 2018 by brentfarwick
Wapp: Wapp - A Web-Application Framework for TCL
I think this could be very nifty for writing desktop apps that just happened to use the browser. If less fussy than using Python's built-in server on Windows, it could be a really nice way to write simple utility applications with a GUI.
wapp  tcl  cgi  browser  goodstuff 
march 2018 by brentfarwick
Python 101: All about imports | The Mouse Vs. The Python
It really is a very good article about importing modules. Lot of stuff I don't know.
python  modules  import  programming  goodstuff 
march 2018 by brentfarwick
The Lives of a Cell (pdf)
Fascinating description from way back in 1971 about how we are all made up of billions of little creatures, including our own cells, that each seem to have their own agenda. How is it then that there is an I? Just a delightful article.
biology  cell  microbes  identity  goodstuff 
march 2018 by brentfarwick
Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin 2014 Q1 - money-creation-in-the-modern-economy.pdf
Good stuff from an entity that should know.
Money creation in the modern economy.
money  banking  economics  goodstuff 
march 2018 by brentfarwick
Regex Cheat Sheet
Looks to be excellent regex site, tuts, references, advanced tuts, language specific differences.
regex  reference  tutorial  goodstuff 
march 2018 by brentfarwick

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