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boatloads of cool tcl/tk gui stuff
tcl  tk  gui  programming  goodstuff 
23 days ago by brentfarwick
Wapp: Wapp - A Web-Application Framework for TCL
I think this could be very nifty for writing desktop apps that just happened to use the browser. If less fussy than using Python's built-in server on Windows, it could be a really nice way to write simple utility applications with a GUI.
wapp  tcl  cgi  browser  goodstuff 
24 days ago by brentfarwick
Python 101: All about imports | The Mouse Vs. The Python
It really is a very good article about importing modules. Lot of stuff I don't know.
python  modules  import  programming  goodstuff 
28 days ago by brentfarwick
The Lives of a Cell (pdf)
Fascinating description from way back in 1971 about how we are all made up of billions of little creatures, including our own cells, that each seem to have their own agenda. How is it then that there is an I? Just a delightful article.
biology  cell  microbes  identity  goodstuff 
5 weeks ago by brentfarwick
Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin 2014 Q1 - money-creation-in-the-modern-economy.pdf
Good stuff from an entity that should know.
Money creation in the modern economy.
money  banking  economics  goodstuff 
5 weeks ago by brentfarwick
Regex Cheat Sheet
Looks to be excellent regex site, tuts, references, advanced tuts, language specific differences.
regex  reference  tutorial  goodstuff 
5 weeks ago by brentfarwick
Plain Text Accounting, a guide to Ledger and friends -
Ledger and friends. Just a great site. Articles, explanations, links to addons.
ledger  accounting  commandline  goodstuff 
5 weeks ago by brentfarwick
The White Darkness: A Journey Across Antarctica | The New Yorker
Good stuff. Guy reaches South Pole and crosses Antartica solo. Admirer of Shackleton.
Shackleton  Worsely  Antarctica  South  Pole  goodstuff 
7 weeks ago by brentfarwick
GitHub - Intoli/exodus: Painless relocation of Linux binaries–and all of their dependencies–without containers.
The "HOW IT WORKS" part of this page is GREAT! How to move (possibly foreign) linux executables (elf files and such) into a non-root directory. A handy way to get access to programs that are not in your distribution, or for which your distribution has an out of date version.
install  linux  programs  goodstuff 
11 weeks ago by brentfarwick
Modern JavaScript Explained For Dinosaurs – Node.js Collection – Medium
Very good walkthrough from the old days of just sourcing a script to all the new package management stuff.
javascript  programming  node  npm  tutorial  goodstuff 
january 2018 by brentfarwick

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