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Feathers on the Bedroom Floor - dunk_on_em (the_author_at_221B) - Good Omens (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Aziraphale looked to his right to see Crowley, struggling to keep his head aright.

His dear Crowley. The one who had sworn he would leave but ended up coming back. The one who drove a flaming car for hours, just so he could be there to help. The one who stopped the sands of time, just to give Aziraphale a chance to talk to the boy. It was no wonder he was tired. So, so much had been asked of him today. Aziraphale pushed his shoulder gently towards Crowley.

“I don’t mind,” the angel murmured, as gently as he could. “I’ll wake you when we arrive.”
GoodOmens  1Shot  Nosm  Kink:Protective_Aziraphale  Kink:Care  Plot.Device:Accidents=Cuddles  Plot.Device:Bed/Heat-Sharing  It's:Well_Written  It's:So.Sweet  It's:Satisfying  It's:Love  **** 
2 hours ago by The_Electriclady
Anna and the Angel - Anonymous - Good Omens (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Anna's Papa has owned a demon for all the time that she's been alive. She's never really questioned it, until Papa made the demon kill one of her classmates.

Crowley, for his part, just wants to go home.

For this kink meme prompt where Crowley is trapped and enslaved by a cruel human who hurts him and makes him do awful things, and Aziraphale saves him. Content warnings for violence, non-canonical character death, Crowley being forced to murder a teenager.
GoodOmens  Nosm  5K+  Kink:Strength  Kink:Protective_Aziraphale  Deals.With:Abuse/Torture  Plot.Device:Accidents=Cuddles  Plot.Device:OutsidePOV  Era:Post-Armageddon  It's:Well_Written  It's:Devotion  It's:Angsty  It's:Bittersweet  It's:Love  **** 
3 hours ago by The_Electriclady
a behavioral analysis - kiaronna - Good Omens (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
In the wake of the not-apocalypse, Aziraphale notices some interesting behavior. As per usual, he consults a veterinarian.
“When I enter a room, Crowley’s head… nods?” Nodding is the wrong word. “A few times. And Crowley’s constantly yawning! Constantly. He sleeps so much, but he must be exhausted,” Aziraphale frets. “I simply don’t know how to make him rest. So he’s clearly not sleeping, and then—this is why I came in—he’s not eating! He just... stares.”
The veterinarian looks grim. “I have a theory. I’ve read about this on the web.”
Aziraphale hates the internet, because it was invented too recently and when the Them tried to teach him how to use it, everything moved too quickly. But he knows this: everything on the internet is probably true.
(The veterinarian is perhaps not the most qualified.)
GoodOmens  Nosm  1Shot  Plot.Device:Snake_Crowley  Era:Post-Armageddon  It's:Cute  It's:Fun!  *** 
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i like this place (it feels spooky) - asideofourown - Good Omens (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Nanny!” Warlock exclaimed, jumping in front of her as she reached the front steps. “Please take me to the Halloween haunted house tonight!”

Nanny Ashtoreth looked down at him, one eyebrow arched perfectly above the lenses of her dark glasses. “What have we said about asking for things?” she said sternly.

Warlock rolled his eyes, and left off the ‘please’ as he repeated, “Take me to the Halloween haunted house tonight! Don’t worry, Brother Francis can come too, if you want. Can we go? It’ll be fun! ’N spooky!”

Nanny’s lips twitched into a small, wry smile. “I suppose with that argument, I have no choice,” she said.


[Warlock, Nanny Ashtoreth, and Brother Francis go to a haunted house]
GoodOmens  Nosm  1Shot  Char:Brother.Francis  Char:Nanny.Ashtoreth  Char:T.Dowling  Char:W.Dowling  Era:Dowlings  Kink:Domesticity  It's:Well_Written  It's:Fun!  It's:Happy  It's:So_Them  ***** 
yesterday by The_Electriclady
hold you close (keep you safe)
Aziraphale kissed Crowley gently. “I’m so terribly sorry for worrying you,” he said
yesterday by Hann2ma
hold you close (keep you safe) - asideofourown - Good Omens (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Aziraphale kissed Crowley gently.  “I’m so terribly sorry for worrying you,” he said. 

Crowley exhaled slowly, curling into Aziraphale’s side again.  Aziraphale held him close, and then they breathed together for a while, drinking in each other’s presence.  “Don’t be sorry,” Crowley said finally.  “Just— I don’t know what I— what I’d do without you.” 

Aziraphale gave him a wide, adoring smile.  “My dear love,” he said.  “You know I feel the same?” 

Crowley nodded slowly.  “Think I know how you felt about the whole holy water thing,” he mumbled, hiding his face against Aziraphale’s shoulder.  “At the Apocalypse, when your shop burned down— and now, when I’d heard you—“ 

“I know,” Aziraphale said softly.  One hand pressed between Crowley’s shoulder blades, drawing him ever closer.  “I know, my dear.”  He gave Crowley a long look, more serious than normal.  “You’re my everything,” he said. 

“And you’re mine,” Crowley whispered in return. 
GoodOmens  Nosm  1Shot  Kink:Care  Deals.With:Trauma  Era:Post-Armageddon  Kink:Protective_Crowley  Kink:In_Character  Kink:Protective_Aziraphale  It's:Well_Written  It's:Devotion  It's:Adorable  It's:So_Them  It's:Love  **** 
yesterday by The_Electriclady
i just wanna tell you (how i'm feeling) - asideofourown - Good Omens (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Dearest,” Aziraphale said, making eye contact with effort. Crowley’s eyes were wide, his snakish pupils blown. “Crowley, I love you too,” Aziraphale said with a wavering smile, squeezing Crowley’s fingers. “Very much.”

Crowley’s mouth dropped open and he blushed up to his ears, flustered enough to yank his hands out of Aziraphale’s grip. “Slkhjkghfgfg, hhha, what?”

“I watched the video you sent me,” Aziraphale explained, already fishing his telephone out of his pocket. “The love song? Crowley, I don’t know how you found it, but it’s lovely! The lyrics fit our relationship so well.” He beamed.

In response, Crowley’s eyes popped. “Love… ssssong?” he repeated slowly, something almost like horror growing on his face. “Aziraphale, which video did you watch from me?”


[Crowley's prank doesn't go as he expected, in the best way possible]
GoodOmens  1Shot  Nosm  Kink:In_Character  Era:Post-Armageddon  Deals.With:Misunderstanding  It's:Fun!  It's:Cute  It's:Sweet  It's:So_Them  **** 
yesterday by The_Electriclady
Are you the devil? - HolyCatsAndRabbits - Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett [Archive of Our Own]
“I’m afraid it’s not possible to meet the devil in my bookshop, he’s much too large. What did you need, my dear?”
fic  goodomens  pairing:aziraphale/crowley  [1-5k 
yesterday by shadowkeeper
Anthony J. Crowley, Retired Demon and Airbnb Superhost by @TheOldAquarian.ao3
<cite>What are you supposed to do when you've been fired from your sweet job in Hell for thwarting the schemes of Satan, you've got a swanky flat in Mayfair, and you're looking for an excuse to spend all your time in someone else's bookshop? Obviously, you turn to the dubious world of short-term vacation rentals.

The resulting Airbnb property has been variously described as "an instagram trap," "a vampire den but make it botanical," and "the weirdest bed and breakfast in the shared history of beds and breakfasting."</cite> Hee!
goodomens  dec-19 
yesterday by victoria.p
Anthony J. Crowley, Retired Demon and Airbnb Superhost - TheOldAquarian - Good Omens (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
What are you supposed to do when you've been fired from your sweet job in Hell for thwarting the schemes of Satan, you've got a swanky flat in Mayfair, and you're looking for an excuse to spend all your time in someone else's bookshop? Obviously, you turn to the dubious world of short-term vacation rentals.

The resulting Airbnb property has been variously described as "an instagram trap," "a vampire den but make it botanical," and "the weirdest bed and breakfast in the shared history of beds and breakfasting."
author:theoldaquarian  goodomens  gen  1-5k  delightful 
yesterday by thatdamneddame
5 Conversations Overheard in an English Village - chellefic - Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett [Archive of Our Own]
When Crowley and Aziraphale settle into their new home, they draw the attention of their neighbors, including the village vicar.
fic  goodomens  pairing:aziraphale/crowley  [1-5k 
2 days ago by shadowkeeper
Who Says Words Are Needed? - Guardian_Rose - Good Omens (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
She’s been in the shop for an hour, just like yesterday, already as the clock chimes 5pm. Mr Fell knows she’s here. He’d given her a cup of earl grey tea without asking her anything or saying much beyond “please don’t spill it”. She’s still sipping at the last dregs of it, wanting to make it last as if it would be a good enough excuse for Mr Fell to not kick her out. She just doesn’t want to go home. It’s getting worse there and another night spent under that roof seems like hell to her. So she lingers long enough to see the red haired man stalk into the shop.

“Angel! You fucking stood me up! We had plans! You better be discorporated or something, Zira.” The man is clearly covering his distress with the anger, it’s a painfully familiar tone.

She rounds a shelf into the main floor space in time for the man to spin around, sunglasses hiding his eyes even indoors. He sees her and frowns.


For the request: 'a kid comes to the bookshop for hours every day and eventually the ineffable husbands realise the kid’s parents are abusive and the kid’s been going to the bookshop to get away from them as much as possible so they’re like “screw it we’re your parents now”'
fic  goodomens  pairing:gen  pairing:aziraphale/crowley  [1-5k 
2 days ago by shadowkeeper

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