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CHOICE reviews Good Charts
an elegant volume illustrated with appealing graphic images that, taken together with the text, provide a user's manual to “dataviz"... a comprehensive and attractive introduction to the subject. Berinato perhaps understates this accomplishment with the rather quaint title of the text. He’s accomplished much more than that!
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august 2016 by hbrinthenews
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It isn’t often that a book comes out and I say “I wish I’d written that book.” But if I could have double-clicked on the data section of slide:ology and had a book pop out, Good Charts would be the book!
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june 2016 by hbrinthenews
Visualizations That Really Work
"What we actually do when we make a good chart is move people to see what couldn’t be seen before."
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may 2016 by aratob
"...visualization is an essential language to be in-depth approach..." - , CEO
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may 2016 by _m_space

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