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The Glades RV Resort, Golf, Marina and Vacation Rentals
Nestled on 500 acres along the Caloosahatchee River, The Glades RV Resort Golf and Marina offers peaceful Florida country living. The Glades RV Resort is the premier South Central Florida RV Park. Compared to most other RV parks, The Glades RV Resort Golf and Marina with it's 395 full hook up sites are much more spacious than other RV parks in the area. The nature and wildlife are incredible. People say there are no other RV parks near me that offers such beauty, nature and tranquility.   Very rare to RV parks, are golf courses. The Glades includes a superb challenging 9 hole championship golf course that is open to the public. The well maintained golf course includes a pro shop, driving range, and putting green.   Another exciting feature of The Glades RV Resort are two on site restaurants, freshwater marina, boat ramp and fishing docks. The large heated swimming pool is a fantastic place to relax and enjoy your day.   The Glades 5200 sq. ft. activity center is a great place to meet for one of the many, many activities.  Some of the activities offered at The Glades include pickleball in the newly designed pickleball courts, bean bag baseball, arts and crafts, live entertainment, bridge, bingo, poker, and karaoke, just to name a few.
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(14) BACK TO BASICS - CHIPPING 2/5 - YouTube
Stand close to ball. About a shoe length. May need to choke down a bit.
Heels a club length apart. Vary clubs to alter distance, 58 shortest, 54, P, 9, 7
Swing down on ball (shaft leaning slightly left). Aim at spot at front of the green.
Arms relaxed. Short back swing to knee height and follow through to same height.
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