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Reusable and type-safe options for Go APIs
In this blog post, I would like to describe an extension to the popular “functional options” pattern that has been described by people like Rob Pike and Dave Cheney. I recommend reading one of these articles if you are unfamiliar with this pattern, as it’s very useful in practice.
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9 hours ago by drdaeman
Clearing the GOPATH to Go - Golab 2017 keynote on Vimeo
The introduction of hellogopher, a tool to "just clone and make" any project, and an exploration of the reason it exists. http://ift.tt/2iW9z0o
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15 hours ago by linkt
Video: The hidden micro-service - caching with Go at Netflix #data #caching - Golang News
Netflix is well known for championing the microservice model, but within the complex layers of dependencies is a hidden service: the caching layer.
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15 hours ago by linkt

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