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goman - the missing man pages for Go binaries · Applied Go
A Go binary without a man page? goman displays the project's README file instead.
golang  documentation  manpage 
22 hours ago by geetarista
Go Language - Web Application Secure Coding Practices
Go Language - Web Application Secure Coding Practices is a guide written for anyone who is using the Go Programming Language and aims to use it for web development.
golang  security 
23 hours ago by lidel
Upspin · Upspin
Upspin is an experimental project to build a framework for naming and sharing files and other data securely, uniformly, and globally: a global name system of sorts.

It is not a file system, but a set of protocols and reference implementations that can be used to join things like file systems and other storage services to the name space.

Performance is not a primary goal. Uniformity and security are.
google  filesharing  distributed  golang  protocol 
yesterday by newtonapple
GitHub - axiomhq/hyperloglog: HyperLogLog with lots of sugar (Sparse, LogLog-Beta bias correction and TailCut space reduction)
An improved version of HyperLogLog for the count-distinct problem, approximating the number of distinct elements in a multiset using 20-50% less space than other usual HyperLogLog implementations.

This work is based on "Better with fewer bits: Improving the performance of cardinality estimation of large data streams - Qingjun Xiao, You Zhou, Shigang Chen".
algorithms  hyperloglog  sketching  golang 
yesterday by euler
brettbuddin/eolian: A modular synthesizer.
Eolian is a modular synthesizer. It provides a variety of different modules and music theory primitives that can be patched together to create music. While the program is written in Go, you don't need to know Go to use it. Patches for the synthesizer are written in Lua. A REPL is also provided for interacting with the patches in real-time.

I started this project in attempt to learn more about digital signal processing and music theory. The project is named after the music hall, The Eolian, in the book The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.
golang  synth  music 
yesterday by piotch

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