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FPV Drones for Sale, Quadcopters, Racing Drones, Motors and FPV Goggles | GetFPV
GetFPV /learn Click here to start learning. SAME DAY SHIPPING Available on most orders. GetFPV IS RATED 4.9/5 STARS Click here to view our latest reviews. Y…
electrical  engineering  electronics  components  security  surveillance  robotics  racing  drones  eyewear  goggles  headsets 
12 days ago by asaltydog
RC Vision Systems, FPV Headsets & High-Res Cameras | Fat Shark
SCOUT FPV Learn More Headsets Breakway from the pack with best-in-class FPV headsets. Browse Headsets Accessories Get in the race with our premium drone racing…
photography  aerial  video  camera  electronics  components  security  surveillance  robotics  racing  drones  eyewear  goggles  headsets 
12 days ago by asaltydog
Antifogging in VR Goggles | Sensirion
The trend of virtual reality (VR) goggles is steadily growing. More and more people are buying virtual reality devices to experience this new way of perception. With this new technology shortly launched broadly, we are experiencing some problems like fogging inside of virtual reality goggles for example. To increase the user experience as well as the comfort, Sensirion has a solution for avoiding fogging inside goggles. By implementing Sensirion’s SHTW2 humidity sensor it is possible to avoid fogging caused by perspiration. This “antifogging” feature is not only applicable with VR goggles but can be also applied to other goggles like skiing goggles or motorbike helmets.
vr  virtualreality  sensors  fogging  goggles  classes 
25 days ago by cyberchucktx
Custom Fitted Swimming Goggles by THEMAGIC5 —Kickstarter
THEMAGIC5 is raising funds for Custom Fitted Swimming Goggles on Kickstarter! THEMAGIC5 create magic for everyone who likes to swim.
Introducing the world's first custom fitted swimming goggles.
eyewear  swimming  goggles  business  startup  finance  investment  kickstarter 
october 2018 by asaltydog

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