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Introducing Nomad Editions - a series of digital weeklies designed directly for mobile devices.
NOMAD EDITIONS is a series of digital weeklies designed directly for mobile devices. Covering a wide range of topics, and employing all the tools of new media, Nomad Editions combines the breadth of the web with the depth and experience of the best traditional content. Nomad Editions digital weeklies are written, edited, and designed by experts in their fields, to provide the most informative and entertaining journalism in the most portable and convenient fashion.
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september 2010 by thebestsophist
Factory 20 : Factory 20
Factory 20 Design Studio Mid-Century Modern Furniture George Nelson, Charles Eames for the Herman Miller Furniture
Gnolia  import  furniture  consumerism 
september 2010 by thebestsophist
S'mores Semifreddo - Blog - food52
S'mores semifreddo. Thoughts: instead of vanilla ice cream, use chocolate ice cream
Gnolia  import  dessert  recipes 
september 2010 by thebestsophist
jQuery Retina Display Plugin | Troy Mcilvena
jQuery Retina Display Plugin A simple way to add Retina Display support to your website. The jQuery Retina Display plugin will substitute high resolution versions of your images (if they exist) for...
Gnolia  import  iphone  web_development  jquery 
august 2010 by thebestsophist
keynotetweet - Project Hosting on Google Code
A simple Applescript Application for automatically sending tweets from Apple Keynote during a presentation
Gnolia  import  presentations  twitter 
august 2010 by thebestsophist
Native iPhone, iPad and Android mobile e-commerce app builder, mcommerce
MobiCart is a free and simple way for you to build and manage your very own native iPhone, iPad and Android mobile e-commerce shop. Mcommerce app builder.
Gnolia  import  iphone  applications  web_development 
august 2010 by thebestsophist
css3-mediaqueries-js - Project Hosting on Google Code
JavaScript library to make IE 5+, Firefox 1+ and Safari 2 transparently parse, test and apply CSS3 Media Queries.
Gnolia  import  web_design  javascript  css3 
august 2010 by thebestsophist
OpenIDEO - Home
OpenIDEO is a global community that will draw on your optimism, inspiration, ideas and opinions to solve problems together for the collective social good.
Gnolia  import  design 
august 2010 by thebestsophist
quplo: HTML Prototyping | Konigi
Knowledge management and competitive research community for user experience design on the web.
Gnolia  import  prototyping  web_design 
august 2010 by thebestsophist
Drupad, bring Drupal on the go Drupad
$4.99 in the iTunes App Store * Manage any number of Drupal websites * Post comments * Read, moderate, publish, delete your comments (Mollom support) * Moderate your content (Mollom too!) * Promote, make sticky, publish, unpublish nodes * Share via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Delicious, Read It Later and more * Manage your users, block / unblock, send them email, visit their profile * Your users don t have picture?! We grab them from Gravatar as a fallback * Check for Drupal, modules and themes updates, works with disabled modules and themes too! * Status report dashboard * View recent log entries * Run cron tasks * Backup your database with Backup & migrate module * Drag to refresh and to load more content * Built-in web browser * Application access is protected by a secret code * Give your community or users the permission to use the app on your websitenew * Device rotation support everywhere * Optimized to be fast even with no 3G or Wifi available * Tested with Pressflow and Open A...
gnolia  drupaleasypodcast  iphone  ipad  apps  mobile  services  comments  moderators  content  backup  cron 
august 2010 by liberatr
Partners |
The Partners module adds two features to CCK nodereference fields. 1) Bidirectionality. A field can be set to be bidirectional with a nodereference field on another node type (or one on the same node type -- including itself). This means that when node A references node B, a reference will also be created from node B back to node A in the appropriate field. When either side of the reference is deleted, the other side is automatically deleted as well. 2) Intermediaries. Intermediaries are nodes that describe the relationship between two other nodes. For example, you can have Drupal create a Membership node when a User node is linked to a Group node. This can improve data separation. These nodes are automatically deleted when the relationship is broken.
gnolia  drupaleasypodcast  modules  nodeference  cck 
august 2010 by liberatr
Node Reference URL Widget |
The Node Reference URL Widget module adds a new widget to the Node Reference CCK field type. It auto-populates a node reference field with a value from the URL, and does not allow this value to be changed once set. It can automatically provide a link on the referencing node types, that will contain the proper url to prepopulate the field.
gnolia  drupaleasypodcast  modules  nodereference  cck 
august 2010 by liberatr
Image Annotate |
Image Annotate allows users to attach notes or user references to areas of a picture. This is what Flickr and Facebook already do. This module is based on jQuery UI and works with CCK's Imagefield module; if you have comment to make, please post an issue or a feature request. The more feedback I get, the better the final version will be. Compared to Fotonotes (another module for placing notes on images), this module uses the latest jQuery (shipped with Drupal 6) and the state of the art jQuery UI module, while Fotonotes is dependent on an old (last updated in 2006) custom JavaScript library.
gnolia  image  drupal  modules  drupaleasypodcast  interface  tagging 
august 2010 by liberatr
Benchmarking Drupal with PHP op-code caches: APC, eAccelerator and XCache compared |, Inc. - Drupal Performance Optimization, Development, Managed Hosting, Customization and Consulting
* All op-code caches provide a noticable improvement for Drupal over a default PHP installation. * The speed gain is about 3X. * eAccelerator is marginally better than the XCache or APC both in terms of speed and memory utilization. * Installation of each op-code cache is different: one has a Debian package, the other is installed from source and the third is via PECL. * The configuration for each is also different. Some work well with a default install, others require more tweaking. Update: We have noticed that in production, Xcache suffers from the same instability that eAccelerator exhibits: segmentation fault after a day or so.
gnolia  cache  apc  xcache  eaccelerator  php  drupal  performance  drupaleasypodcast 
august 2010 by liberatr
Views content cache |
This module implements a views cache plugin that is aware of content and can provide caching for views, until the content in those views changes.
gnolia  drupaleasypodcast  modules  views  cache  performance 
august 2010 by liberatr
Hometown Democracy set for 2010 ballot - Orlando Business Journal
The new pro-development law opened a lot of eyes on what s going on, she said. We are not against growth it has just gotten out of hand, and we built in the wrong places. At issue: The new Community Renewal Act s land-use exemptions, which are designed to encourage development. The new law removes the 37-year-old regional planning process for major projects known as developments of regional impact (DRI) for areas that meet certain population standards and already have necessary services, such as water and sewer. In other words, developers no longer have to apply for state approval to build a massive development in certain areas, nor will they have to pay to upgrade roads in those areas.
gnolia  real_estate  florida  legal  voting  democracy 
august 2010 by liberatr

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