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Matador Network - Taking free-dive photography to the next...
Taking free-dive photography to the next level in Hawaii's underwater caves 💦
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7 weeks ago by automotive
Watch new TV ads from GMC, Bud Light, Ford and more | Hot Spots - Ad Age
Ford: Born to Roll
Premiered on: NBA Basketball, TNT
Ford data for the last 30 days
Impressions: 1,737,518,008 (6% of industry)
Est. TV Spend: $23,426,866 (5% of industry)
Attention Score: 94.31
Attention Index: 147 (47% fewer interruptions than avg.)

GMC: First Real Bike
Premiered on: Chrisley Knows Best, USA Network
GMC data for the last 30 days
Impressions: 958,316,226 (3% of industry)
Est. TV Spend: $11,174,433 (2% of industry)
Attention Score: 85.33
Attention Index: 73 (27% more interruptions than avg.)
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7 weeks ago by automotive
Use the and add separate declarations for each variation
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8 weeks ago by jhill5
GMC Adding "Black" Models to 2019 Offerings |
The Black Editions of the Terrain and the Acadia for 2019 expound on the bold road presence that defines both SUVs with muscular, sculpted exteriors.

They are distinguished by darkened exterior treatments, adding more choices to portfolio that also include color-matched, chromed and unique Denali appearances. The design also advances GMC’s legacy of precision craftsmanship and answers customers’ calls for greater vehicle personalization.
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9 weeks ago by automotive
GMC Introduces Off-Road Sierra AT4 Line — Auto Trends Magazine
The new sub-brand targets off-road enthusiasts much in the same way the Sierra’s Denali line serves premium customers.
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9 weeks ago by automotive
BUICK-GMC: For dealers, profitability is the focus
Todd Ingersoll, CEO of Ingersoll Automotive, plans to keep dealer profitability in mind for every decision he makes during his two-year term, which in turn will help Buick and GMC dealers and the communities they support.
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9 weeks ago by automotive
Buick-GMC dealers open to longer factory programs
The Buick-GMC National Dealer Council is open to changing annual factory initiatives for retailers, such as Standards for Excellence and Essential Brand Elements, to multiyear programs, according to newly appointed Chairman Todd Ingersoll.

"One of our goals, long term, is to instead of having it maybe be an annual program, have it be two or three years that you're locked in," said Ingersoll, a first-generation dealer who purchased his first store in 2001. "That way you can plan accordingly. That's particularly true with EBE, which is kind of broken up into two parts now — compliance, which is the facility, and the other is performance."
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9 weeks ago by automotive
2020 GMC Sierra Denali 2500 spied for the first time
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10 weeks ago by dealerautoglassaz
GM profit dips on truck changeover, but beats estimates
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12 weeks ago by dealerautoglassaz
2019 GMC Sierra will have carbon fiber bed option
Reuss and other GM executives have promised a greater differentiation than ever before between the Sierra and Silverado -- starting with separate unveilings for the first time since 1998. The company declined to say what percentage of parts would be shared between the two vehicles.

“The more they divert from one another the better,” Aldred said. “I think with the new Sierra, we’ve done that. Not only visually but with the technology we put in there.”
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12 weeks ago by automotive
2019 GMC Sierra 1500 First Look | Edmunds
The 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 will go on sale in fall of 2018. The Sierra will initially debut in the SLT and Denali trim levels, which are the two highest trim levels currently available. For all your shopping needs and more details on the 2019 Sierra, stay tuned here on Edmunds.
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april 2018 by automotive
First Look: 2019 GMC Sierra: More Than a Silverado Clone |
Full-size pickup gets world’s carbon fiber bed, six-way tailgate.
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april 2018 by automotive
Here's a quick look at the 2019 GMC Sierra | Autoweek
New pickup will differentiate itself from its Silverado counterpart
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april 2018 by automotive

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