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Get to the Next or Previous Message in Gmail
Go to the Next or Previous Message Quickly in Gmail Mobile
To navigate between emails easily in Gmail mobile (in the Android and iOS apps as well as Gmail in a mobile browser):

Open an email or conversation.
To go to the next (older) message or conversation:
Swipe left over the email.
To go to the previous (newer) email or thread:
Swipe right over the message you are viewing.
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5 hours ago by foxwoods
DM Tips | Dungeon Master Assistance
How to be a Better Dungeon Master
Having just finished one campaign and preparing to start another one, I felt that it was time to review my weaknesses as a Dungeon Master. Thanks to an excellent post on “The Angry GM” site, and a candid review of my own DM style by Tim, a former player, I have compiled this list that I intend to re-read before and after each gaming session.
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5 days ago by fozbaca
Hack Your Gmail: A Quick Start for Google App Scripting | Hackaday
Google provides a lot of features with all of its products, but however you slice it, all the code runs on their servers out of your reach. Sort of. If you know JavaScript, you can use Google Apps Script to add features to many Google products including Gmail. If you’ve used Office scripting, the idea is the same, although obviously the implementation is very different.

With scripting you can make sophisticated filters that would be very hard to do otherwise. For example, monitor for suspicious messages like those with more than 4 attachments, or that appear to come from a contact between the hours of 2AM and 5AM.
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6 days ago by cyberchucktx
This screen has become a massive overhead
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7 days ago by kexrex
Don’t forget to default to Reply 😬

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10 days ago by lguardino

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