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Accurate email tracking, automated followups, prospecting, mail merge, meeting coordination, sendlater, snooze, undo, and snippets for Gmail.
software  marketing  mailmerge  gmail 
2 days ago by dholland
Postmaster Tools - Gmail Help
If you send a large volume of emails to Gmail users, you can use Postmaster Tools to see:

If users are marking your emails as spam
Whether you’re following Gmail's best practices
Why your emails might not be delivered
If your emails are being sent securely
gmail  mail 
3 days ago by some_hren
Google's email-scanning move could impact app developers, startups
The tech company may be providing bolstered data security to its users with its choice; however, policy professionals believe the data restrictions will harm innovation and give Google and other large tech companies more power over smaller entities.
gmail  apps  technology  google  innovation  startups 
5 days ago by corrickwales
(5) How to Turn off text Overwrite in Chrome - Fix the Insert / Overwrite Key in Gmail Compose Mode - YouTube
solution starts around 1:15 in the video: select text in the body of the email, then push the "insert" key on the keyboard. That should fix the problem. (It fixed the problem on 10/16/2018)
6 days ago by cpellegr
Daring Fireball: Senator Ron Wyden: U.S. Senate, Staff Targeted by State-Backed Hackers
Frank Bajak and Raphael Satter
Sen. Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat, said in a Wednesday letter to Senate leaders that his office discovered that “at least one major technology company” has warned an unspecified number of senators and aides that their personal email accounts were “targeted by foreign government hackers.” Similar methods were employed by Russian military agents who leaked the contents of private email inboxes to influence the 2016 elections.
Wyden did not specify the timing of the notifications, but a Senate staffer said they occurred “in the last few weeks or months.” The aide spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the issue publicly.
But the senator said the Office of the Sergeant at Arms , which oversees Senate security, informed legislators and staffers that it has no authority to help secure personal, rather than official, accounts.
I’m going to guess the “major technology company” is Google, simply because Gmail is the leading email provider. If you ever wonder why Ron Wyden seems almost amazingly well-informed on very technical computer security matters, keep in mind that Christopher Soghoian is on his staff as a senior advisor.
gov2.0  politics  google  gmail  daring_fireball  congress  russia  hack  security  privacy 
9 days ago by rgl7194
Google Suite Catch-All Email Address Not Working | Sal Ferrarello
On Tuesday October 9, 2018 my G Suite Catch-All Email Address stopped working. My account is a free legacy account that I setup back when it was called Google Apps.
gmail  gapps  troubleshooting 
11 days ago by mortonfox

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