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The Big List of RPG Plots, by S. John Ross
What follows is a scrap of trivia . . . my collection of RPG plots, in abstract form. I built this by examining the premises of hundreds of published adventures for all systems (including those systems dear and departed from print), trying to boil them down to common denominators. The results are presented here: arbitrary, and sometimes redundant. Nevertheless, I turn to this list when I'm stuck for a fresh premise for next week's session of my campaign, whatever that campaign might happen to be about at the time. It helps me keep from falling into thematic ruts (my least favorite kind). With any luck, it might serve a similar function for you.
Note: The "plots" are arranged in alphabetical order by title. Since the titles are arbitrary, this serves no useful function at all. And if you want shakespearean five-act hoozits, plot trees, Man Versus Himself and other Serious Literary Bunkum, try Writer's Digest. This ain't Oxford, baby.
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5 weeks ago by dicewitch
GM JUNE SALES: GMC leads robust month, estimates show
Brands: Buick down 9.4%, Cadillac up 1.4%, Chevy up 5%, GMC rose 17%.

Notable nameplates: Cadillac XT5 up 2%, Chevy Silverado up 5.7%, GMC Sierra up 67%, Chevy Equinox down 26% and Chevrolet Traverse up 7.2%, Buick Encore up 18%, Chevy Cruze down 0.1%, Chevy Volt up 11%, Chevy Corvette down 15%.

U.S. market share: An estimated 16.6 % in June vs. 16.5 % in June 2017; 17.1 % year-to-date through June vs. 16.7 % year-to-date through June 2017.
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6 weeks ago by automotive
General Motors exec Alan Batey says technology is transforming dealerships
The automaker has rolled out a slew of GM-developed tools that dealers traditionally would outsource to third parties and has refined its dealer reward programs to more heavily weigh technology initiatives in order to drive profits for the company and dealers.
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6 weeks ago by automotive
Watch new TV ads from Audi, Toyota, Cadillac and more | Hot Spots - Ad Age
Audi: Employee of the Year
Premiered on: SportsCenter With Scott Van Pelt, ESPN
Audi data for the last 30 days
Impressions: 375,686,430 (1% of industry)
Est. TV Spend: $2,595,798 (1% of industry)
Attention Score: 90.85
Attention Index: 126 (26% fewer interruptions than avg.)

Cadillac: 2018 Escalade
Premiered on: Artful Detective, Ovation
Cadillac data for the last 30 days
Impressions: 562,358,984 (2% of industry)
Est. TV Spend: $5,610,551 (1% of industry)
Attention Score: 91.05
Attention Index: 127 (27% fewer interruptions than avg.)

Toyota: 4th of July Sales Event: This Is Big
Premiered on: KING 5 News at 4:30am, NBC
Toyota data for the last 30 days
Impressions: 1,994,830,986 (7% of industry)
Est. TV Spend: $33,998,379 (9% of industry)
Attention Score: 91.53
Attention Index: 131 (31% fewer interruptions than avg.)
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6 weeks ago by automotive
G.M. Says New Wave of Trump Tariffs Could Force U.S. Job Cuts - The New York Times
General Motors warned Friday that if President Trump pushed ahead with another wave of tariffs, the move could backfire, leading to “less investment, fewer jobs and lower wages” for its employees.
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6 weeks ago by areadevelopment
First Look: 2019 Chevrolet Blazer |
The Chevrolet Blazer will arrive at U.S. dealerships in early 2019. Additional details and pricing will be announced closer to the start of production.
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7 weeks ago by automotive
2019 Chevrolet Blazer First Look | Edmunds
At a special event in Atlanta, Georgia, Chevrolet surprised the automotive press with the unexpected revival of an old model name and unveiling of a new SUV. It's been almost 14 years since the Blazer name was applied to a Chevy, but that all changes with the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer, which slots in between the Equinox and Traverse.
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7 weeks ago by automotive
Chevy Blazer resurrected as tech-savvy, sporty crossover for 2019
The new midsize Blazer, which GM last produced in 2005 as a body-on-frame SUV, will slot between Chevrolet's compact Equinox and large Traverse crossovers -- both of which were redesigned for 2018 and helped GM post record U.S. crossover sales last year.
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8 weeks ago by automotive
GM Revamps Responsibilities for Ammann, Reuss |
Ammann focusing on autonomous vehicles, Reuss leads products, Cadillac
8 weeks ago by automotive
Marc Molinaro: Cuomo's shady $1M Cadillac grant needs to be returned
“Cadillac didn’t need a million bucks from cash-strapped New Yorkers to stay in New York City, and for Mr. Cuomo to suggest otherwise is preposterous on its face. I have nothing but respect for Cadillac, but I must call on the iconic luxury brand to return the money to hardworking New Yorkers in whatever way it sees fit.
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9 weeks ago by automotive
GM to expand Super Cruise system throughout Cadillac, other brands
Customers can drive hands free on more than 130,000 miles of limited-access freeways in the U.S. and Canada. The system keep drivers engaged through a light bar on the steering wheel and detects when they may need to pay more attention to the road.
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10 weeks ago by automotive
Cadillac Confirms It Will Stay in New York Despite Leadership Change - The Drive
“It’s 100 percent that we’re staying here [in NYC], that was never a question,”
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10 weeks ago by automotive

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