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Crossovers sales lead GM to 16% increase as incentives rise
Brands: Buick up 28%, Cadillac up 13%, Chevy increased 16%, GMC rose 11%.

Notable nameplates: Cadillac XT5 up 17%, Chevy Silverado up 24%, GMC Sierra down 7.5%, Chevy Equinox and Chevrolet Traverse both up 41%, Buick Encore up 82%, Chevy Cruze down 13%, Chevy Volt down 16%, Chevy Corvette down 15%.
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Cadillac dealers gain role in Book subscription service
Book gives subscribers on-demand access to Cadillac vehicles for $1,800 a month — up $300 from the initial launch — without the commitment of leasing, financing or purchasing. The cost includes registration, taxes, insurance and maintenance.

Members use a mobile app to reserve vehicles that are delivered to specified locations. They may exchange vehicles up to 18 times a year.
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Chevy Betting on Facelifts to Prop Up Three Passenger Cars |
Malibu, Cruze and Spark get updates – but nada for slow-selling Sonic.
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GM to Stop Reporting Monthly Sales Numbers |
“Not enough time to separate” trends from fluctuations.
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OnStar rebranding efforts put safety first
General Motors plans to relaunch the OnStar brand in a national ad campaign, directing focus back to safety and security from connectivity. This is the first national marketing campaign for OnStar in six years.

Gerard Connell, OnStar's marketing director, told reporters that statistically, it's not a matter of if, but when, drivers in the U.S. will require roadside assistance.
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2 days ago by automotive
Dealer optimism slowly building for Cadillac
Concerns continued to be raised about product plans and standards under Project Pinnacle, Cadillac's ambitious and contentious program to overhaul its dealership operations. But dealers said the concerns were more about tweaking Pinnacle rather than changing its core principles.
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2 days ago by automotive
GM dealers raise concerns regarding CDK Global
Concerns included untimely dealer support, "clunky" functionality and simply not having another GM-approved choice for websites.

One dealer said Hill alluded to addressing the concerns in the future, without providing any details. GM declined to comment on CDK.

Two dealers said they would like to see GM add other providers for the services, like some competitors have done. GM does not mandate stores use CDK, however the company incentivizes dealers to do so to have consistent messaging for all the brands.
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2 days ago by automotive
GM tops in customer loyalty for 3rd year
For the third year in a row, General Motors finished as the top automaker in IHS Markit's Automotive Loyalty Awards, while Ford extended its streak to eight years for customer loyalty to a specific make.
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2 days ago by automotive
Cadillac’s Compact XT4 Crossover Breaks Cover in NY |
Slotting in below the current Escalade and XT5 offerings, the Cadillac XT4 could become one of the brand’s most important additions since the original CT4 introduced the Art & Science design language.
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5 days ago by automotive
2019 Cadillac XT4 First Look | Edmunds
With a starting price of $35,790 (including destination), the XT4 is one of the least expensive ways to get into a compact luxury SUV. The larger XT5 is priced similar to its midsize competition, so we'll find out if that translates into similar success when the XT4 goes on sale in fall 2018.
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5 days ago by automotive
GMC Adding "Black" Models to 2019 Offerings |
The Black Editions of the Terrain and the Acadia for 2019 expound on the bold road presence that defines both SUVs with muscular, sculpted exteriors.

They are distinguished by darkened exterior treatments, adding more choices to portfolio that also include color-matched, chromed and unique Denali appearances. The design also advances GMC’s legacy of precision craftsmanship and answers customers’ calls for greater vehicle personalization.
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5 days ago by automotive
GMC Introduces Off-Road Sierra AT4 Line — Auto Trends Magazine
The new sub-brand targets off-road enthusiasts much in the same way the Sierra’s Denali line serves premium customers.
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5 days ago by automotive
OnStar Expands To TV, Cinema In New Campaign 03/27/2018
OnStar and its agency Campbell Ewald are debuting a new campaign that refocuses the emergency notification platform on its actual services — a return to emotional ads by leveraging real-life situations.

The “Be Safe Out There” campaign reminds drivers that it is not a matter of if but when a driver or their passengers will need roadside help by emphasizing the relief OnStar-equipped drivers feel when encountering unexpected obstacles. 
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5 days ago by automotive
BUICK-GMC: For dealers, profitability is the focus
Todd Ingersoll, CEO of Ingersoll Automotive, plans to keep dealer profitability in mind for every decision he makes during his two-year term, which in turn will help Buick and GMC dealers and the communities they support.
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6 days ago by automotive
Cadillac dealers adjust to Project Pinnacle, await XT4 crossover
Churchill, dealer principal at Frank Kent Cadillac in Fort Worth, Texas, said the biggest changes include weighting of CSI scores, retail sales objectives and other requirements of the program such as roadside assistance.

He also noted more transparency on incentives and an ad campaign that debuted this month as changes that should benefit Cadillac dealers, as they await an influx of new crossovers beginning with the compact XT4, which is scheduled to debut next week in New York City.
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7 days ago by automotive
CHEVY: Dealers want to keep the momentum going
The popular crossovers combined for about 20 percent of the brand's sales in 2017, while the Silverado remains the "backbone of Chevrolet" at 14 percent of sales, said Chevrolet National Dealer Council Chairman Mike Bowsher.
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7 days ago by automotive
Dealers settling in to Cadillac's Project Pinnacle
Cadillac dealers are getting used to Project Pinnacle as it approaches its first full year in April, the brand's national dealer council chairman said.

Will Churchill, dealer principal at Frank Kent Cadillac in Fort Worth, Texas, said the retail overhaul program has had its ups and downs, but dealers are starting to accept it after changes were made for 2018.
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7 days ago by automotive
Truck lineup has Chevy dealers bullish on 2018
Two redesigned crossovers and the upcoming launch of the next-generation Silverado have Chevy dealers bullish on 2018.

That's according to Mike Bowsher, head of the Chevrolet National Dealer Council, who says dealers are "pretty optimistic" about the overall market and about Chevy's current lineup being able to address the shift in consumer preferences from cars to crossovers.
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7 days ago by automotive
Buick-GMC dealers open to longer factory programs
The Buick-GMC National Dealer Council is open to changing annual factory initiatives for retailers, such as Standards for Excellence and Essential Brand Elements, to multiyear programs, according to newly appointed Chairman Todd Ingersoll.

"One of our goals, long term, is to instead of having it maybe be an annual program, have it be two or three years that you're locked in," said Ingersoll, a first-generation dealer who purchased his first store in 2001. "That way you can plan accordingly. That's particularly true with EBE, which is kind of broken up into two parts now — compliance, which is the facility, and the other is performance."
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