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Let’s move to Abergavenny: home of food, glorious food | Money | The Guardian
Some will say it’s turning into a foodie destination, but there’s enough unpretension to burst any inflated egos
3 days ago by tonys
Cheap plant oil can give us healthier salmon
So farmed salmon eating plant diets lack Omega-3 fatty acids, as they usually get that from eating other fish. Farmed salmon can sorta get that back by adding fish oil to their feed, but that costs money. Now, using transgenic plants that put out DHA and fatty acids as feed seems to fill the nutrition gap for farmed salmon.
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4 days ago by asteroza
Green Man festival in the Brecon Beacons to attract 25,000 - BBC News
Motorists are warned to expect heavier traffic in the area as the four-day festival kicks off.
4 weeks ago by tonys

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