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Preferments and ripeness. | The Fresh Loaf
Careful not to ferment the poolish for too long, not to over-ripen the dough and destroy the gluten through protease action.
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Hoe een Drent patent kreeg op een duizend jaar oud Ethiopisch 'superfood'
De kiem van het Nederlandse staaltje (agri)culturele toe-eigening ligt in de zomer van 2003, als Ethiopische landbouwkundigen 1.440 kilo teffzaadjes – 12 teffsoorten maal 120 kilo – op de post doen naar Nederland. De ontvangers, Jans Roosjen en dorpsgenoot Hans Turkensteen, zijn enthousiast geraakt over het ook wel ‘Abessijns liefdesgras’ genoemde minigraan – één tarwekorrel is even zwaar als 150 teffkorrels – dat bovengemiddeld rijk is aan eiwitten, vezels en mineralen als calcium, magnesium en zink. Bovendien bevat teff in tegenstelling tot bijvoorbeeld tarwe en spelt geen gluten – ideaal voor mensen met coeliakie, oftewel glutenintolerantie. Roosjen en Turkensteen zien het helemaal voor zich: teffbrood, teffrepen, teffkoeken, teffpasta, teffoliebollenmixen. Ze zijn zo overtuigd van de potentie van het gewas dat de akkers van de Veenkoloniën zich in een mum van tijd met teffhalmen vullen: op het hoogtepunt in 2004 staat er 820 hectare teff, verdeeld over 84 telers.
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A carb called fructan may be the real culprit behind gluten sensitivity - Vox
Some people could be blaming the wrong element in wheat for their sore stomachs.
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Not just a fad: the surprising, gut-wrenching truth about gluten | Food | The Guardian
While just 1% of the UK is allergic to the proteins that cause coeliac disease, many others suffer with gluten-related digestive problems. Some researchers believe mass-produced food is to blame
gluten  diet  food  trends  health  Guardian  2018 
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Not just a fad: the surprising, gut-wrenching truth about gluten | Food | The Guardian
Our great-grandparents’ grain was not sprayed with pesticides, either. These days, it is common practice among non-organic farmers to spray their wheat on days before harvest with the controversial pesticide glyphosate, to dry off the crop for processing. The International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies it as a probable human carcinogen. Debate rages about the long-term safety of these pesticides and possible effects on human health, especially when deployed so close to harvesting.

In the factory, heavily automated bakery conglomerates have stripped out most of the time, human effort and craftsmanship from the bread-making process, replacing traditional methods with a chemistry set of additives and undisclosed processing aids, notably enzymes synthesised in the laboratory. These enzymes, and the 27 potential allergens that scientists have identified in wheat, are now firmly in the frame for causing “baker’s lung”, an occupational hazard of bakery factory workers. Could they also be affecting the health of their customers in a less dramatic manner?
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