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GitHub - tidyverse/glue: Glue strings to data in R. Small, fast, dependency free interpreted string literals.
Glue strings to data in R. Small, fast, dependency free interpreted string literals. - tidyverse/glue
r  library  text-manipulation  glue 
7 days ago by willyh
Serverless ETL using AWS Glue for RDS databases
In this tip learn about the AWS Glue service and how you can use this for ETL between various cloud based databases.
aws  glue  rds 
7 days ago by arthuralvim
Serverless Data Engineering: AWS Glue + Lambda + Athena + QuickSight
I recently attended AWS re:Invent 2018 where I learned a lot about AWS Glue, which is essentially serverless Spark. This service allows you to have a completely serverless ETL pipeline that’s based…
aws  glue  lambda  quicksight  serverless  engineering  data 
9 days ago by arthuralvim
Intrinsically reversible superglues via shape adaptation inspired by snail epiphragm | PNAS
Similar to snail slime, it's a conformal gel that hardens to attach to a non-smooth surface, releases when wet
polyhydroxyethylmethacrylate  reversible  superglue  glue  adheasive  materials  science  research  technology 
27 days ago by asteroza
What Is AWS Glue? - AWS Glue
Overview of AWS Glue, a serverless environment to extract, transform, and load (ETL) data from AWS data sources to a target.
aws  glue 
5 weeks ago by john.sheets
VISIO Connectors don't stick to shapes anymore
"First I checked that AutoConnect was enabled

1) File - Options - Advanced - Enable AutoConnect
2) View - Visual Aids - Check "AutoConnect"

and the kicker was:

3) View - Visual Aids - click on the little arrow for more options - Check "Snap" and "Glue"

Sorry to dig this one up but it came up in my search. Hope this helps someone in the future.
Visio  connector  sticky  snap  glue 
8 weeks ago by Tonti

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