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How to make good glosses
Includes bits on how to make the fields of meaning of conlang words not correspond 1:1 to any given English (etc.) word, by looking at related words, e.g. by looking at the variety of glosses that bilingual dictionaries use to gloss a foreign word in order to get inspiration for related fields of meaning.
conlang  howto  glossing  glosses  vocabulary 
august 2016 by pne
Encouraging the Impulse to Annotate - Todd's Brain
Glossing with social media involves the creation of conversational “layers” which adhere to the original text and produce a richer cultural artifact so that the original text is not obscured, but enhanced. Gloss suggests the multiple veneers that adolescents create to make texts their own. Glossing also denotes the slipperiness of the online world—the Internet being a frictionless distribution system.
annotation  glossing  weekly 
may 2016 by twwoodward
Egyptian Chapter
Excellent overview of Egyptian grammar with two short texts, including parts of the Shipwrecked Sailor, with a detailed gloss.
egyptian  grammar  glossing 
january 2014 by emk
All other fetters, by Glossing
"This fic is born out of several months of *wrestling* with Selina and her role(s) in Bat-canon. Hypersexualized, frequently just a mirror for Bruce's infantile romanticism, decidedly unsentimental and tough as mutton, she's always going to confound me."
DCU  Bruce  Selina  Bruce/Selina  Glossing  fic  NC17 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Seeing Through Clothes, by Glossing
"You're too tall," Tim tells him. He leaves the door open, crossing the room back to his desk. "Your shoulders are too broad. And that's *Talia's* lipstick shade, not Dinah's."
Glossing  Tim  DCU  Dick  Dick/Tim  fic  NC17 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Zeno's Elegy, by glossing
Roy swipes the back of his hand across his mouth. Tilting his head, squinting, he says, "You're not Wally. Wrong suit."
Glossing  fic  Bart  Roy  Bart/Roy  DCU 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Off Page Six, by Glossing
"You *were* checking me out," Superboy says. "Totally admiring the goods. I *saw* you." He juts out one hip and grins. "And who could blame you?"
fic  DCU  Bruce  Kon  Bruce/Kon  Glossing  NC17 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Cage Match, by Glossing
Jason has, if anything, inverted that phenomenon. He brings the city's violence with him wherever he goes; he wears that potential as easily as his own skin, every flat vowel of his accent crows with it. It is difficult not to compare the two, to judgeDick's presence as alchemy and Jason's as destructive.
Bruce/Jason  Bruce  Jason  NC17  Glossing  fic  DCU 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Perfect Example, by Glossing
When Bruce flipped his Robin cape and reached for the driver's side door, all Tim had to do was clear his throat to make him stop.

He got a mulish look, then a put-upon sigh, before Bruce raised his hands and backed away. "After you. *Batman*."
DCU  fic  Tim  Bruce  Bruce/Tim  R  Glossing 
september 2011 by brownbetty
Surrender Your Clothing, by Glossing
The social benefits of heterosexism are not to be downplayed. In Tim's opinion, that is, because his girlfriend Steph would never have been allowed to stay the night, even if he'd thought to ask. But his new buddy Steve is more than welcome.
genderfuck  Glossing  NC17  threesome  Steph  Tim  Dick  fic  DCU 
september 2011 by brownbetty

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