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The A-Z of AI and Machine Learning: Comprehensive Glossary
I don’t know whether you know it or not… but there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding artificial intelligence. While some assume it means robots coming to life to interact with humans, other…
machine-learning  Glossary 
8 days ago by hschilling
GitHub glossary - GitHub Help
Below are a list of some Git and GitHub specific terms we use across our sites and documentation.
github  glossary 
15 days ago by gdw
Kubernetes Terminology: Glossary
"When you start working with Kubernetes (K8s) there’s a lot of new terminologies to learn, understand and then remember. Wouldn’t it be great if instead of having to search for a definition every time you came across a word you weren’t familiar with, you could access all of the key Kubernetes terminology in a single list?

We’ve got you covered! This glossary contains explanations for all of the common technical terms you’ll need to understand Kubernetes."
technology  kubernetes  glossary  resource 
11 weeks ago by garrettc

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