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Glossary of rhetorical terms - Wikipedia
"Owing to its origin in ancient Greece and Rome, English rhetorical theory frequently employs Greek and Latin words as terms of art. This page explains commonly used rhetorical terms in alphabetical order. The brief definitions here are intended to serve as a quick reference rather than an in-depth discussion. For more information, click the terms."
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6 days ago by mwiik
What is the S&P Oscillator that Jim Cramer talks about and how can I use it? | Yahoo Answers
The S&P Oscillator is a short term measure of current market sentiment. S&P has their own proprietary formula for computing this. When the value of the oscillator exceeds 4, it generally means the market is overbought, and when it is less than negative 4, it generally means the market is oversold.

The S&P oscillator is not publically available; you must subscribe to their Trendline service which runs about $1,000/year.
2018  February  fn  nbs  glossary  CNBC 
19 days ago by jmbond
Cramer: S&P Short-term Oscillator
"Rules that have kept you out of trouble have to be obeyed. Which is why, despite the pullback today…I can't pound the table on buying anything, because the S&P oscillator that I've followed for decades is now in overbought territory, which tells me we are due for some pain," the "Mad Money" host said.

The Standard & Poor's oscillator is an indicator that Cramer follows, which is a short-term measurement of current market sentiment. It is typically used to indicate how overbought or oversold the market is.
2018  February  fn  CNBC  nbs  glossary 
19 days ago by jmbond
Warren Buffett Is One Stock Picker Who Believes He Can Still Beat the Market - WSJ
Berkshire’s book value, a measure of assets minus liabilities that is Mr. Buffett’s preferred yardstick for measuring net worth, rose 11% in 2016. But that was less than the 12% total return in the S&P 500, including dividends.
2018  February  fn  glossary  bookvalue  wsj 
22 days ago by jmbond
What Is a 'Pass-Through' Business and Why Is It Favored in the Tax Bill? 
Essentially, a pass-through is a business that does not pay corporate income tax, and includes entities like sole proprietorships, partnerships, and S-corporations. About 95% of businesses in the U.S. are categorized as pass-throughs, according to the Brookings Institute, and they have traditionally paid a lower tax rate than big C-corps.
2018  February  fn  business  glossary 
22 days ago by jmbond

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