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Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation - Wikipedia
Most large U.S. broker-dealers and banks are full DTC participants, meaning that they deposit and hold securities at DTC. DTC appears in an issuer’s stock records as the sole registered owner of securities deposited at DTC. DTC holds the deposited securities in “fungible bulk”, meaning that there are no specifically identifiable shares directly owned by DTC participants. Rather, each participant owns a pro rata interest in the aggregate number of shares of a particular issuer held at DTC. Correspondingly, each customer of a DTC participant, such as an individual investor, owns a pro rata interest in the shares in which the DTC participant has an interest.
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21 days ago by jmbond
What is the difference between a conglomerate and a holding company? | Yahoo Answers
Coca Cola is a conglomerate. A conglomerate is a large company owning smaller ones. Also getting involved with the business of each. A holding company invests in the companies and have nothing to do with the operations.
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Beeminder Glossary | Beeminder Blog
By popular demand, we’ve created a jargon file!
We don’t expect this to be the permanent home of this glossary (maybe it belongs with our FAQ...
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6 weeks ago by LiquidChris
Centre Georges Pompidou - Wikipedia | Francis Ha
Centre Georges Pompidou (French pronunciation: ​[sɑ̃tʁ ʒɔʁʒ pɔ̃pidu]), commonly shortened to Centre Pompidou and also known as the Pompidou Centre in English, is a complex building in the Beaubourg area of the 4th arrondissement of Paris, near Les Halles, rue Montorgueil, and the Marais. It was designed in the style of high-tech architecture by the architectural team of Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano, along with Gianfranco Franchini.
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