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How are stock warrants different from stock options?
A stock warrant is just like a stock option because it gives you the right to purchase a company's stock at a specific price and at a specific date. However, a stock warrant differs from an option in two key ways:

A stock warrant is issued by the company itself
New shares are issued by the company for the transaction.
2017  August  fn  glossary  option  derivative  warrant 
3 days ago by jmbond
Collocation Search - Online Chinese Collocation Assistant - Free online Chinese collocation dictionary, corpus, search
CCA offers free online collocation search service toteachers, students and researchers who are interested in appropriate use of modern Chinese collocations .Currently our database contains over 300,000 Modern Chinese collocations automatically extracted from CTC, a text corpus for second language acquisition built by Beijing Normal University, and over 1,500,000 collocations from Chinese Wikipedia Corpus
chinese  search  language  reference  dictionary  glossary 
18 days ago by dicewitch
Investing via a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) - MicroVentures Blog
Investors have many things to consider when evaluating startups, but one that may not be top of mind is how the investment itself is structured. For venture capital and equity crowdfunding, a common structure is to invest via a special purpose vehicle (sometimes structured as a limited liability company [LLC]) to fund up-and-coming companies or to acquire stakes in larger, private companies through secondary transactions.
dlvr  glossary 
21 days ago by andrewsavikas
Surety is the guarantee of the debts of one party by another. A surety is the organization or person that assumes the responsibility of paying the debt in case the debtor policy defaults or is unable to make the payments. The party that guarantees the debt is referred to as the surety, or as the guarantor.

Surety is most common in contracts in which one party questions whether the counter party in the contract will be able to fulfill all requirements. The party may require the counter party to come forward with a guarantor in order to reduce risk, with the guarantor entering into a contract of suretyship. This is intended to lower risk to the debtor (or lender), which might lower interest for the borrower. It can be in the form of a "surety bond."
2017  July  fn  investopedia  glossary  surety 
4 weeks ago by jmbond
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Glosario de genética del Instituto Roche, en español
genetics  Spanish  glossary 
4 weeks ago by valentina
Glosario de genética
Glosario de genética de la Universidad de Navarra, en español
glossary  genetics  Spanish 
4 weeks ago by valentina
Glosario de genética
Glosario de genética de la Universidad del Norte, Argentina
glossary  genetics  Spanish  medicine 
4 weeks ago by valentina

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