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Reuters 20110915 - Goldman's Global Alpha fund hurts investors again
The Goldman Sachs Global Alpha fund, which relies on computer-driven strategies, was down 12 percent through August, according to two people familiar with the returns. The average quant fund is down less than 1 percent over that period, according to performance tracking service Hedge Fund Research Inc.

This is the second time in four years that the Global Alpha fund has suffered big losses and its performance raises questions about the ability of Goldman Sachs to manage quantitative strategies for its wealthy clients.

The shakeup comes almost four years to the day that Goldman's Global Alpha fund lost 22.5 percent, during the early days of the financial crisis. Those losses prompted investors to pull money from the fund, which had managed $12 billion at its peak.

WSJ: Goldman will close its Global Alpha Fund hedge fund by the end of October.
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FT 20100210 - Business books - Maths geniuses’ models did not add up
At their peak, quantitative traders were a force with which to be reckoned. Between them they controlled about $150bn (€109bn, £96bn) and, because many used lots of borrowed money as well, they collectively had assets of as much as $1,000bn. But many of them were then crushed in the market meltdown, having failed to factor in just how vulnerable their models were. “Even as the mortgage market imploded, quant funds such as AQR, Renaissance, Saba [Weinstein’s group at Deutsche] and Citadel believed they were immune to the trouble,” Patterson writes, “either because they didn’t dabble in subprime or because they believed they were the smart guys in the room and had either hedged against losses or were on the right side of the trade and were poised to cash in.” The whizzes who studied market relationships so exhaustively failed to grasp some elementary truths, such as that distress in one market can lead to selling in an entirely different and hitherto unrelated market.
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