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big collection of links about German artist Jeanne Mammen
"I have always wanted to be just a pair of eyes, walking through the world unseen, only to be able to see others."
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20 days ago by mikelynch
How I Broke, and Botched, the Brandon Teena Story | Village Voice
The regrets of the person who wrote the story, which wound up being the inspiration for the movie "Boys Don't Cry."

What we've learned about trans people has changed much over the years. It's good when people recognize the change.
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june 2018 by moose
Rainbow Railroad
Children of Paine for gay people
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may 2017 by Yinepuhotep
Trans Broken Arm Syndrome and the way our healthcare system fails trans people
Would a licensed medical doctor with years of training really be unsure of what to do with a broken arm just because it was attached to a transgender person?
Yes. Includes many examples of people trying to get adequate healthcare and health insurance claims paid.
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april 2017 by jflorablack

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