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8 Great Ways to Save on the Cost of Eyeglasses - Consumer Reports
7. Don’t Pay for Add-ons That Don’t Add Up
In our reader survey, half the respondents said they paid extra for scratch-resistant coatings, and 22 percent shelled out for coatings that offer ultraviolet protection.

But all plastic lenses already have an anti-scratch coating on the front of the lens, says Karl Citek, an optometry professor at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Ore. And most lenses nowadays completely protect wearers from harmful UV light from the sun without any add-ons. One more to skip: coatings that block blue light. The science connecting long-term exposure to blue light to damage to part of the retina is weak, says James Sheedy, Pacific University professor emeritus of optometry, who has studied the effect of blue light on the eyes. One add-on that he does say may be worth paying for is an anti-reflective coating. It reduces glare on the front and back of the lenses, making them easier to look through—especially at night—and also lets other people see your eyes better, he explains.
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How spectacles transform the lives of tea-pickers • FT
Amy Kazmin:
<p>In India’s tea-growing Assam state, a recent randomised control trial highlighted the dramatic economic benefits of reading glasses for ageing tea-pickers suffering from presbyopia — the decline in near-vision that comes with age. 

The research took place last year at the peak of the harvest season, when tea-leaves are abundant. The only constraint is how fast the workers can pluck. Before the trial, not one of the 751 enlisted tea-pickers, all over the age of 40, had glasses. For the study, half got simple reading glasses — like those sold over-the-counter in many western countries — and half did not. 

Professor Nathan Congdon, of Queen’s University Belfast, says the results — published recently in the Lancet — were unequivocal, if unsurprising. Workers with glasses plucked around 5kg more tea each day than those without — a 21% increase in productivity. Tea-pickers over the age of 50 recorded even bigger gains, at 31%.

“For picking tea, that ability to see things up close is very important — to determine whether a bud of tea is ready to be picked or not,” Prof Congdon told me. 

Presbyopia is the most common global cause of sight impairment, and people living in rural areas are no less susceptible to it than city dwellers. For tea-pickers, who are paid by how much they pluck — and pruned from the labour force if they cannot meet minimum targets — correcting the problem is a major boost.</p>

On a day when we've been hearing about amazing technological efforts, it's good to remember that sometimes, the big wins are in simple technology.
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custom clip ons for glasses. rec by esau
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Zeelool | Prescription Glasses, Cheap Eyeglasses Frames online
Zeelool is our best sub-brand dedicated to offer a wide range of high-fashion and high-end eyewear.
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Dom Vetro | DV | Bespoke Eyewear – DOM VETRO
Dom Vetro is an independent, artisanal eyewear company located in Los Angeles, California. Based on the idea that "every pair is personal," our sun and optical glasses are entirely handcrafted in our LA workshop for you, made-to-order and fully customizable.
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Moscot Lemtosh glasses, as worn by Kiefer Sutherland in Designated Survivor...
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Glasses & Prescription Eyeglasses | Warby Parker
Where the cool kids go for eyeglass frames, per Ellen Dickinson. Silicon Valley agrees, per the "New York Times"; but my reverence for what Silicon Valley thinks about anything is much diminished after a year or two of revelations on its lack of any kind of immune system for bro culture and its treatment of women. Jaundice is not rational.
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