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Could not authenticate you from ldapmain because "undefined method provider for nil:nilclass" - Troubleshooting - GitLab Community Forum
I got the error message

<code class="language-ruby">NoMethodError: undefined method `provider' for nil:NilClass</code>

inside OmniauthCallbacksController#failure when a user without an email from a whitelisted domain tried to log in. Not sure if the signup whitelist is checked for LDAP logins, but the solution may, in the end, be to just create the guy an email on the internal domain, because I'm pretty sure that will work fine.

This may, however, be the solution:
Solved myself: Log in as admin, goto Admin Area >> Settings >> Restricted domains for sign-ups.

Here is a list of domains which reflects the dns suffixes from the server.
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7 days ago by kme
Enable SSL on GitLab with Docker on Synology NAS - Stack Overflow
With DSM6, the changes (except generation of the cert) are now possible using the dsm docker interface:
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19 days ago by moritzwade
使用 GitBook + GitLab 团队文档协作 - 简书
使用 GitBook + GitLab 团队文档协作 我们团队对于文档管理软件的要求有以下几点: 1.支持Markdown2.支持团队协作3.文档有版本历史4.支持导出Html,Pdf等格式。5.支持树形目录,导出PDF时候可以直接按目录结构导出,这个很重要,目前我还没找到支持按树形目录导出的工具软件。6.支持图片上传 符合我们要求的我只找到了 GitBook 一个,但是GitBook 无法...
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20 days ago by chouti
Markdown - GitLab Documentation |
GFM also recognizes certain cross-project references:
input references
namespace/project#123 issue
namespace/project!123 merge request
namespace/project%123 project milestone
namespace/project$123 snippet
namespace/project@9ba12248 specific commit
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20 days ago by kme

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