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Using TortoiseHg with Git | Michael's Blog
There is a mercurial plugin called hggit that allows you to push and pull to/from a Git remote repository from Hg.
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4 hours ago by mockserious
durin42 / hg-git — Bitbucket
This is the Hg-Git plugin for Mercurial, adding the ability to push and pull to/from a Git server repository from Hg. This means you can collaborate on Git based projects from Hg, or use a Git server as a collaboration point for a team with developers using both Git and Hg.
mercurial  hg  git 
5 hours ago by mockserious
Don’t be afraid to commit — Don't be afraid to commit 0.3 documentation
A workshop/tutorial for Python/Django developers who would like to contribute more to the projects they use, but need more grounding in some of the tools required.

Don’t be afraid to commit will help put you in a position to commit successfully to collaborative projects.

You’ll find it particularly useful if you think you have some good coding ideas, but find that managing the development process sometimes gets in the way of your actual development.

The workshop will take participants through the complete cycle of identifying a simple issue in a Django or Python project, writing a patch with documentation, and submitting it.
documentation  python  git  coding 
7 hours ago by cogdog
Semantic Line Breaks
When writing text with a compatible markup language, add a line break after each substantial unit of thought.
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yesterday by spaceninja
Why Engineering Managers Should Review Their Teams' Pull Requests
After some reflection, I realized exactly what I was doing: I was keeping my finger on the pulse and health of my team. In fact, PRs can tell a manager a lot about the health of their team. A strong and effective feedback process can have tremendous effects on a team’s morale, trust, and communication, as well as on their development velocity.
management  codereviews  pullrequest  git  culture  engineering  development 
yesterday by spaceninja
Code Review from the Command Line - Bits, Bytes, and Words
I do the bulk of my code reviews from the command line, especially when reviewing larger changes. I’ve built up a number of tools and config settings that help me dig into the nuances of the code I’m reviewing, so that I can understand it better than if I were just browsing online.
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yesterday by spaceninja

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