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“Open in Atom” in macOS context-menu
“Open in Atom” in macOS context-menu. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
atom  macos  github  gist 
november 2018 by neurodyne
Installing headless chrome on Ubuntu.
Shows how one might add the Chromium Browser (headless) apt repository to Ubuntu.
github  gist  script  shell  bash  howto  example  add  chromium  chrome  headless  browser  ppa  apt  repository  linux  ubuntu  ubuntu16.04  ubuntu18.04  guide  reference 
november 2018 by racl101
ryanj/gist-reveal: Gist-powered Revealjs slides
Gist-powered Revealjs slides. Contribute to ryanj/gist-reveal development by creating an account on GitHub.
revealjs  markdown  github  gist 
october 2018 by onefewercar
A step by step tutorial on how to automatically start ssh server on boot on the Windows Subsystem for Linux · GitHub
Microsoft partnered with Canonical to create Bash on Ubuntu on Windows, running through a technology called the Windows Subsystem for Linux. Below are instructions on how to set up the ssh server to run automatically at boot.
GitHub  gist  WSL  Windows  Windows10  SSH 
october 2018 by coffeebucket
Script to open a mysql database in Sequel Pro from a service in docker-compose.
A gist of an Bash Shell Script to open up Sequel Pro MacOS / MacOS X app with credentials to view a MySQL database running within a Docker container.
github  gist  script  bash  shell  open  sequel  pro  sequelpro  database  mysql  docker  container  credentials  totry  guide  reference 
october 2018 by racl101
Open new Terminal tabs from the command line
Open new Terminal tabs from the command line. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
gist  mac  iterm 
october 2018 by neurodyne
Example OPML file from Overcast, note: it contains usernames and passwords in the feed URL
Example OPML file from Overcast, note: it contains usernames and passwords in the feed URL - overcast.opml
github  gist 
september 2018 by slempke
A "Best of the Best Practices" (BOBP) guide to developing in Python.
A "Best of the Best Practices" (BOBP) guide to developing in Python. -
bestpractices  style_guide  python  development  gist  github 
september 2018 by jkglasbrenner
shorts/ at master · ankane/shorts
Setting up database users for an app can be challenging if you don’t do it often. Good permissions add a layer of security and can minimize the chances of developer mistakes. Following the principle of least privilege, we want to give users only the privileges they need.
postgres  DBA  github  gist 
september 2018 by rdark

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