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This So Called Life
Everything's pretty good in Detective Danni Williams' world: she's - slowly - coming to accept Hawaii as her home, has finally decided on a course of action against her ex in regards to Grace and is dating a great guy (who just so happens to be her boss) when an unexpected dose of reality threatens to turn it all upside down.
author:logans_girl2001  fandom:H50  pairing:Steve.McGarrett/Danny.Williams  AU:always.a.girl  girl:Danny.Williams  fanfic  on.A03  length:75000-80000  Downloaded 
january 2019 by willowanne
Spring of Drowned Girl
Danny fell in the Spring of Drowned Girl 10 years ago on his honeymoon and now he turns into a girl every time he gets hit with cold water. But it's not that big a deal, really. Just so long as his team never finds out.
author:Little_Miss_Numbers  fandom:H50  AU:genderswap  fanfic  on.A03  series:Spring.of.Drowned.Girl  length:10000-15000  Downloaded  fandom:Ranma1/2  pairing:Steve.McGarrett/Danny.Williams  girl:Danny.Williams 
august 2016 by willowanne

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au:always.a.girl  au:genderswap  author:andrealyn  author:ladyreapermc  author:little_miss_numbers  author:logans_girl2001  author:sweetdreams  author:torncorpse  author:twentysomething  downloaded  fandom:h50  fandom:ranma1/2  fanfic  girl:steve.mcgarrett  length:1000-5000  length:10000-15000  length:5000-10000  length:75000-80000  on.a03  pairing:steve.mcgarrett/danny.williams  series:female.danny  series:man!  series:spring.of.drowned.girl 

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