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like you want me to - didoxidate, ellievolia - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
So it's easy, when they're drunk and high on winning, and they've been dancing for a while, and Kaner is so so close and breathing heavily against her ear. It's so easy to say, "Wanna go back to mine?"
fic  het  hockey  genderswap  kane/toews  girl!toews  pwp  NC-17  first.time  wc:7k 
october 2014 by eleret
This song is the cross that I bear (bear with me) - cherryvanilla - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Because when you get right down to it, winning a gold medal was always more plausible to him than sleeping with Joanie Toews.
fic  het  hockey  genderswap  always.a.girl  girl!toews  kane/toews  figureskating  au  pining  NC-17  wc:16k 
october 2014 by eleret
Bluehawk - aohatsu - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Jo sleeps with Kaner for the second time when she’s twenty-one and gets drunk off her ass in a bar in Vancouver.
au  genderswap  hockey  kane/toews  girl!toews  wc:16k  Sports  female.athlete  het  NC-17 
september 2014 by eleret
Pass Me Through Your Fingertips - queeniegalore - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Five Times Jonny Noticed Kaner and One Time Kaner Noticed Her Back

“I mean it, Tazer baby. We’re gonna show those boys how it’s done.”

And Jonny looked her up and down one more time, before reaching out to tug a few curls into place, flicking her on the nose once for good measure.

“We always do,” she said, and her gaze was locked on Kaner’s and Kaner felt like she could take over the entire world.
fic  hockey  kane/toews  genderswap  femslash  au  girl!kane  girl!toews 
september 2014 by eleret

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always.a.girl  au  female.athlete  femslash  fic  figureskating  first.time  genderswap  girl!kane  het  hockey  kane/toews  nc-17  pining  pwp  r  sports  wc:10k  wc:16k  wc:7k 

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