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take me as i am - Menacherie - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
After the All-Stars game he’s constantly at the edge of her vision. Tricia skypes her while she’s in Switzerland, because Jamie is the only one besides Jonathan Toews that will actually answer her Skype calls. Everyone else is tired of her whining about not hearing English and how fat she’s going to get on Swiss chocolate. Sometimes Tyler is sitting next to her, headphones in his ears. He’ll grin and wave at her when he notices her, and Jamie can never stop the blush that overtakes her face.
HockeyRPF  1k-10k  JamieBenn  JamieBenn/TylerSeguin  TylerSeguin  Genderswap  girl!Jamie  F/M 
march 2015 by fleurdeteas

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1k-10k  benn/seguin  f/m  fic  gelesen  genderswap  het  hockeyrpf  jamiebenn/tylerseguin  jamiebenn  shmorgas  tylerseguin 

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