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Gilbert and Sullivan Archive
A website devoted to the works of Gilbert and Sullivan, including synopses, libretti, scores, images, and audio.

Maintained by: Paul Howarth
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Gilbert Wedding Djs | Inexpensive Gilbert Wedding Venues
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Mr Big – Wild World (Live Acoustic) | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Mr Big – Wild Earth (Live Acoustic) Mr Big – Wild Earth. Live and unplugged exceptional acoustic effectiveness for British isles Tv set Mr Big – Wild Earth (Live Acoustic)
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Spirulina - Scientific Review on Usage, Dosage, Side Effects |
1.4. Gilbert's Syndrome

Gilbert's Syndrome (GS) is a familial hyperbilirubinemia (high serum bilirubin levels; greater than 17µmol/L)[31] likely secondary to reduced activity of the enzyme bilirubin glucuronosyltransferase[32][33] to around 25% of baseline activity.[34] It is not the only form of hyperbilirubinemia, and is an autosomal recessive disorder[31] affecting 3-12% of the population.[33][35][36] GS is relevant as while it is a 'syndrome' it is seen as medically benign[37] and elevated bilirubin appears to be protective against diseases of aging due to the antioxidant properties of bile acids[38][39] while persons with GS are half as likely to die than normal controls (24 deaths per 10,000 person years in GS relative to 50 in control over a 9 year study periods);[40] Spirulina is thought to mimic GS as both of them exert their antioxidant properties via inhibition of NADPH oxidase.[41]

Of interest, when comparing persons with GS relative to controls at baseline (prior to the 9 year study period) those with GS had significantly lower BMIs (4.3% less than control), less risk for cardiovascular diseases (43%), diabetes, and mental illness (11.6% relative to 24.2%).[40]

Gilbert's Syndrome (GS) is a genetic condition characterized by higher than average bilirubin levels, but, possibly due to the antioxidant properties of bilirubin, the syndrome is associated with health benefits and lower rates of death. Spirulina inhibits the same enzyme that bilirubin does to exert antioxidant effects, and it is hypothesized that Gilbert's Syndrome would have similar benefits to supplemental spirulina
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