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U think I'm that stupid?
dog  food  gif 
yesterday by dhotson
Koyaanisqatsi redone with slow/timelapse gifs pulled at random from Giphy. Work of Genius.
gif  creativetech  remix 
yesterday by mildlydiverting
webp-converter - npm
A small node.js library for converting any image to webp file format or converting webp image to any image file format.
juxtapose  webp  gif  node 
2 days ago by zachwise
1FBZE (540×570)
When pizza arrives on DnD night
gif  pizza  dnd 
2 days ago by dhotson
SVGeez - Free customizable SVG background patterns | Home
SVGeez hosts a collection of fun, free and configurable SVG repeating patterns and backgrounds for websites. Customize foreground and background colors, adjust scale, copy and paste SVG CSS into your website for use.
free  background  repeat  stretch  backgrounds  svg  gif 
3 days ago by jimthedev

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