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Attention and fans. In June, the arrives... on ! Make sure to visit…
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february 2019 by thegiant
gozer en francais
Gozer le voyageur. Il viendra dans un des formes pré-choisies. Pendant la rectification du Vuldranii le voyageur est venu comme grand et en mouvement Torb! Puis, pendant la troisième réconciliation...
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october 2018 by ignatz
Y'all really need an exorcist, y'know that. right?
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october 2018 by mattgriffin
perk: being slimed without the clean up. Are you hunting down ghosts in ?
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october 2018 by jaxzin
Vectorized Ecto-1 (Musketon) - Album on Imgur
Post with 262 views. Shared by acoolrocket. Vectorized Ecto-1 (Musketon)
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october 2018 by kger
don't know what a slide rule is for
Holtzmann offered casually, “You know, I could build you some new bookshelves if you wanted. For your place.”

Patty frowned. “I’m not some kind of fixer upper project.”

“No no, I… I was interested in branching out. Practicing some literal physics.” Holtzmann winked. “Help you feather your nest, so to speak."

“Well, okay.” Patty was dubious, but what was the worst that could happen?
fic  ghostbusters  patty.tolan  jillian.holtzman  femslash 
september 2018 by Beatrice_Otter
Yeah, y'know, is no worse off for losing that entire boyfriend character. Totally unnecessary, even i…
Ghostbusters  from twitter
july 2018 by kaitlen
Or, you know, any moment in where Kate McKinnon is on screen.
Ghostbusters  from twitter
july 2018 by kaitlen

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