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GitHub - dreamRs/esquisse: RStudio add-in to make plots with ggplot2
Make #ggplot2 easily Try our new #RStudio addin 🤗! Feedbacks are welcome ! #rstats
r  tools  ggplot  vis  rstats  RStudio  ggplot2 
21 days ago by paulbradshaw
Dog breeds bump chart – Luis D. Verde Arregoitia
bump charts cool for showing changing rankings over time...
dataviz  r  ggplot 
5 weeks ago by sharon_howard
ggplot GUI – Show Me Shiny
This app allows users to visualize their data using an online graphical user interface (GUI) that makes use of R’s visualization package ggplot. A dataset can be uploaded. Importantly, R-code will be provided such that the user can recreate the graphs within the R-environment.
shiny  r  ggplot 
6 weeks ago by frodik

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