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Is there any law against putting those electric outlets with built in USB ports in bathrooms? : HomeImprovement
(It looks like nuisance tripping isn’t so much a thing for GFCI breakers anymore, so that’s a plus.)
“Nuisance tripping is not really a big problem anymore. GFCIs have improved and also far fewer appliances will cause a trip.”
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Installing GFCI / AFCI Circuit Breaker Protection
“A very cost-effective way to provide overcurrent protection to the entire electrical circuit in your home is to use a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) circuit breaker.

“Alternatively, you can buy a combination Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) breaker that has both GFCI and AFCI protection. An arc fault is similar to lightning. It is a highly energized plasma discharge that jumps the air from an energized source to a ground, like you. As the discharge occurs it converts to very high heat and can melt insulation from wires and start fires with surrounding combustible materials.

“The National Electric Code (NEC) first required arc fault protection in bedrooms effective 2002 (1999 code). In 2014 section 201.12 of the NEC code required new construction to provide Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter protection in kitchens and the laundry room in addition to bedrooms.

“So the easiest way to provide combined GFCI and AFCI protection is a combination AFCI/GFCI circuit breaker.”
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Why does a GFCI trip when anything is plugged into the other outlets? - Home Improvement Stack Exchange
“There is one outlet with the GFCI and several other outlets without. The GFCI outlet works fine, while anything plugged into the other outlets causes the GFCI to trip.

“How should I detect and fix the problem?”
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Do GFCI outlets with USB ports exist? : electrical
A comment in reply to the OP asking about a GFCI outlet with USB:
“I’d argue for the approach the previous poster suggested - just have a GFCI outlet upstream of the usb/outlet combo. My reason for that is that I’d hate to have to go down to the basement, where our breakers are, just to reset the GFCI.”
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tags : GFCI RCD A Simple but Life-Saving Protector Komal Neha Sonu & Neeraj DBS needsEditing
01:40; how do the devices work; the principle behind it.
02:10; animation
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A Hybrid Causal Search Algorithm for Latent Variable Models
Existing score-based causal model search algorithms such as GES (and a speeded up version, FGS) are asymptotically correct, fast, and reliable, but make the unrealistic assumption that the true causal graph does not contain any unmeasured confounders. There are several constraint-based causal search algorithms (e.g RFCI, FCI, or FCI+) that are asymptotically correct without assuming that there are no unmeasured confounders, but often perform poorly on small samples. We describe a combined score and constraint-based algorithm, GFCI, that we prove is asymptotically correct. On synthetic data, GFCI is only slightly slower than RFCI but more accurate than FCI, RFCI and FCI+.
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radiant® Combination Tamper-Resistant 15A Self-Test Night Light/GFCI, White | Legrand
Well, this is kinda neat—it’s a combination GFCI and night light, which looks like it could be handy.
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