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Long Is The Way, And Hard - Kate_Lear, read by Podfixx - 27k, 3.5hrs
"A story of Crowley's thoughts about Aziraphale, from the Beginning to the present day.
And also of temptation, and want, and whether - for a Fallen Angel - redemption is possible after all." Podfic:
podfic  slow_burn  Fandom:Good_Omens  Pairing:Aziraphale/Crowley  Character:Aziraphale  Character:Crowley(GoodOmens)  Rating:Explicit  getting_together  angst  first_time  favorites 
9 days ago by juniper-and-lamplight
Like Lovers Do - Writcraft - 3.6k
"Aziraphale and Crowley find new ways to occupy themselves as they take shelter from a long overdue thunderstorm."
Fandom:Good_Omens  Pairing:Aziraphale/Crowley  Rating:Explicit  Character:Aziraphale  Character:Crowley(GoodOmens)  getting_together  first_time  fluff 
11 days ago by juniper-and-lamplight
Alegría - drawlight - 13.3k
"After the End That Wasn't, Heaven and Hell are leaving them alone. Entirely alone. (This is a story with nothing of miracles.)"
Fandom:Good_Omens  Pairing:Aziraphale/Crowley  Rating:Explicit  first_time  getting_together 
11 days ago by juniper-and-lamplight
Casual (Isn't Something I Can Do) - gallantrejoinder - WIP
"Farah Black may have come to terms with being a lesbian, but that doesn't mean she's ... out, exactly. And there aren't that many opportunities for closeted lesbians to gain any experience with other women. Enter Tina Tevetino - bisexual, out, and experienced. And more importantly, extremely good at maintaining the "benefits" part of a friends with benefits arangement." Yes, I've already bookmarked this series, but I'm bookmarking this fic separately because I love it so hard.
Fandom:Dirk_Gently's_Holistic_Detective_Agency  Pairing:Farah/Tina  femslash  getting_together  first_time  Character:Farah_Black  Character:Tina_Tevetino  Rating:Explicit  favorites 
5 weeks ago by juniper-and-lamplight
Acts of Service (series) - gallantrejoinder - WIP
"Todd Brotzman is not a caring kind of person. He's just some asshole with a guilt complex a mile long. But he really loves taking care of Dirk Gently."
series  Rating:Explicit  Rating:General  hurt/comfort  bed_sharing  getting_together  first_time  fluff  angst  demisexuality  favorites 
6 weeks ago by juniper-and-lamplight
Cheer Up, Buttercup - teacupsandcyanide - WIP
"Todd goes into a bath bomb store to get a present for Amanda and meets an overeager sales assistant. Self-examination, and - dare I say it - romance ensues."
AU  Fandom:Dirk_Gently's_Holistic_Detective_Agency  Pairing:Dirk/Todd  Character:Todd_Broztman  Character:Dirk_Gently  hurt/comfort  fluff  slow_burn  getting_together  WIP  asexuality 
6 weeks ago by juniper-and-lamplight
Maybe It's You - likehandlingroses - 30.2k
"Ginny and Luna haven’t spoken much since Ginny abruptly left Harry and separated herself from most of her old life. Luna is busy working in Diagon Alley, eager to earn enough money to move out of her father’s house and see the world. Ginny--fresh off a suspension from the Holyhead Harpies--has returned home and is dissatisfied with having to take two steps back in her life. She asks Percy if she can stay in the spare room in his and Oliver’s flat. The trouble is, he’s already offered it to Luna…"
Fandom:Harry_Potter  femslash  getting_together  first_time  Rating:Mature  Pairing:Ginny/Luna  Character:Ginny_Weasley  Character:Luna_Lovegood  Character:Percy_Weasley  coming_out 
6 weeks ago by juniper-and-lamplight
I'll make my way back home (to find me tangled up with you.) - electricteatime - 61.6k
"Dirk Gently dreams of one thing, and one thing only; seeing the mysterious lights that rise in the sky once a year. The problem with that is that he’s never left his room before, much less his tower, and with every warning his father has given him he’s not sure he can bring himself to do it alone.
Which is exactly when Todd Brotzman crashes into his life. Or, rather, the business end of his frying pan.
What do a regretful criminal and a boy with magical glowing hair have in common? Not a lot, it turns out. But as they embark on a journey that promises to fulfill their dreams, somewhere along the way they’ll realise that all of the things they’d been looking for mean nothing compared to what they eventually find together."
AU  AU:fusion  Fandom:Dirk_Gently's_Holistic_Detective_Agency  Fandom:Tangled(Disney)  Pairing:Dirk/Todd  Rating:Teen  Character:Dirk_Gently  Character:Todd_Broztman  Character:Farah_Black  Character:Scott_Riggins  favorites  getting_together  AU:fairy_tale  beta 
12 weeks ago by juniper-and-lamplight
Connected - gallantrejoinder, teacupsandcyanide - 9.4k
"Todd "recharges" by cuddling with Dirk, which is perfectly normal behaviour for two best friends, and anyway, it's only because Dirk has psychic energy that makes Todd feel the happiest he's ever been. It's normal. Right?"
Fandom:Dirk_Gently's_Holistic_Detective_Agency  Rating:General  Pairing:Dirk/Todd  Character:Todd_Broztman  Character:Dirk_Gently  Character:Farah_Black  humor  getting_together 
12 weeks ago by juniper-and-lamplight
The Butterfly Effect (Love Is Love Is Love Is Love) - teacupsandcyanide - 7.2k
"Dirk kisses his best friend on their balcony in front of the Pride Parade. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Things escalate wildly into identity issues, old hang-ups, anguished declarations of love, and inopportune sabotage of the situation by their tiny bastard cat."
Rating:Teen  Fandom:Dirk_Gently's_Holistic_Detective_Agency  Pairing:Dirk/Todd  hurt/comfort  angst  coming_out  fluff  favorites  getting_together  nonbinary_character 
may 2019 by juniper-and-lamplight
like tea and knitwear - SongofWizardry - 2.4k
"There are probably easier and faster ways of showing one's affection than learning how to knit so one can make the object of said affections a jumper. Fortunately, Sirius has never been fond of picking the easy route."
fluff  humor  getting_together  Rating:General  knitting  Fandom:Harry_Potter  Pairing:Remus/Sirius  Character:Remus_Lupin  Character:Sirius_Black  Character:James_Potter  Character:Lily_Evans_Potter 
april 2019 by juniper-and-lamplight
Midday, Midnight - aryastark_valarmorghulis - 8.5k
"During the summer of 1976, between fifth and sixth year at Hogwarts (and after The Prank), Remus goes outside the Lupin's cottage and he finds a big, black dog in his garden..."
Fandom:Harry_Potter  Pairing:Remus/Sirius  Rating:Teen  Character:Remus_Lupin  Character:Sirius_Black  getting_together  summer  werewolf  animagus 
april 2019 by juniper-and-lamplight
Hold Her Fast - Lynds - 11.9k
"Farah Black is the new girl in Amanda's school, and she's captivating. Everyone has a story about her. Amanda just can't quite figure out why her entire being is so totally aware of her, why her skin prickles when she's around, why Farah looks more real than anyone else she's ever known."
AU  AU:high_school  Character:Farah_Black  Character:Amanda_Broztman  Character:Tina_Tevetino  Character:Todd_Broztman  femslash  Rating:Teen  Fandom:Dirk_Gently's_Holistic_Detective_Agency  angst  fluff  coming_out  favorites  getting_together  beta 
february 2019 by juniper-and-lamplight
A Thousand Butterflies Can't Be Wrong, (But I Think I Might Be.) - electricteatime - 6.2k
"It’s a lot, he knows it’s a lot, and he almost wishes he’d stopped to think about his answer before just blurting his feelings all over the place. But then he supposes he’s always been a little like that, and it hardly makes sense to change that now. If Todd feels the same he already knows what he’s signing up for.
If. For two small letters, it really is a big word."
Rating:General  Pairing:Dirk/Todd  Fandom:Dirk_Gently's_Holistic_Detective_Agency  Character:Dirk_Gently  Character:Todd_Broztman  Character:Sherlock_Hobbs  fluff  getting_together 
february 2019 by juniper-and-lamplight
Odd One Out by thingswithwings
"We should talk about Eliot," Alec says, at the same time Parker says, "We should have sex in a hammock."
Leverage  Parker_Hardison_Eliot  rating:E  aromantic!eliot  polyamory  getting_together  length:28k  oneshot  complete  cu 
july 2017 by emi.caro
One Step Sideways - Chapter 1 - airgeer - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
"Waking up in a world where the best possible turn of events was a literal doppelgänger was not exactly what Victor considered a great morning.

The other Victor apparently begged to differ.

“Amazing!” he said, poking Victor in the shoulder."

Just as Victor and Yuuri are about to start the final dash of preparing for the Grand Prix Final, Victor finds himself in a different reality- one where he, rather than coaching Yuuri, is in the middle of skating his retirement season.

They don't know how it happened, or how to fix it, but neither Victor has ever let details like that stop him.
anime:Yuri_On_Ice  YOI  gays_on_skates  fanfic  slash  Viktuuri  dimension_travel  doppelgangers  angst  getting_together  author:airgeer 
march 2017 by SailAweigh

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