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Join Us | AI Now Institute
The AI Now Institute at New York University is seeking a Technology Fellow to help drive research on the social implications of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and related technologies.
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The AI Now Institute at New York University is seeking a full-time Researcher for the Institute’s research on artificial intelligence, bias, and inclusion. You will conduct original research, lead related programmatic efforts, and help manage relationships with our external research partners. This research will lead to peer-reviewed publications in addition to other outputs and activities that aim to engage diverse stakeholders and broaden public understanding of these topics.
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The call for applications for this year’s cohort of postdoctoral researchers has closed. We will begin accepting applications for our next cohort in the fall of 2018.
september 2018 by gwijthoff
#MoreThanCode Full Report | #MoreThanCode
extensive survey on the landscape of tech activism/outreach organizations and nonprofits
august 2018 by gwijthoff
Dr. Lucia Lorenzi on Twitter: "I was talking to some fellow PhD graduates the other day, and we were talking about the relief of deciding not to apply for TT jobs anymore, because we don't....actually....really....want those jobs. I really don't think I w
I was talking to some fellow PhD graduates the other day, and we were talking about the relief of deciding not to apply for TT jobs anymore, because we don't....actually....really....want those jobs. I really don't think I want to be a professor. A scholar, yes. Professor, no.
may 2018 by gwijthoff
How Much Is a Word Worth? - Member Feature Stories - Medium
The most common complaint is that the numbers just don’t add up to a good living. Without signing writers to exclusive deals, most magazines top out in the $1 to $2 per word range (exclusivity can get you $3). It’s possible to publish 30,000 words of freelance writing a year at those rates — about eight articles the length of the one you’re reading — but it’s extremely difficult to land and execute that many assignments successfully. And if you manage to pull it off and place a full year’s worth of writing in top-flight publications, you may make as much as the average personal trainer: $60,000.
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april 2018 by gwijthoff
NYU Center for Experimental Humanities | Graduate Program
Advising extends beyond course selection and the master's thesis. An interdisciplinary graduate degree can be shaped to reach many different goals, and it is here that the expertise of the faculty proves especially valuable. CEH graduates move into doctoral programs, professional schools, and many kinds of productive careers, ranging from teaching at the secondary level to mass media production to Wall Street. New York University, the Graduate School, and the Center for Experimental Humanities possess a wide array of resources to assist in the formation and completion of these longer-term objectives.
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march 2018 by gwijthoff
Listen Up
Ragtag organizes tech volunteers to help activists, organizers, non-profits, and candidates break down tech barriers to achieving their organizing goals.

Brings together people in tech and humanities
march 2018 by gwijthoff
How denialists weaponize media literacy and what to do about it / Boing Boing
danah boyd's SXSW Edu keynote, What Hath We Wrought? builds on her essay from 2017 about the relationship of media literacy education to the rise of conspiracy theories and the great epistemological rift in which significant numbers of people believe things that are clearly untrue, from climate denial to flat-earthing.
media_literacy  fake_news  getting_out  education 
march 2018 by gwijthoff
Advice from a Contingent Faculty Member on Career Directions for PhDs in English | Leeann Hunter, Ph.D.
To be sure, my non-tenure track position, even right from the start, was legions above other contingent faculty positions. In 2012, I was offered a 3-3 teaching load on a semester system with a salary in the mid-40Ks, but this offer was made as a spousal accommodation, and it was extended to me because I had a tenure-track offer at another institution. Nevertheless, I spent my first two years at WSU teaching in the composition program, feeling at times like I was a graduate student again, as if that PhD was nothing more than a certificate of debt and guilt. Even after 6 years at the institution, my lack of value and relevance in my department is enough to drive me to tears, but I have also learned that senior faculty members all across the university have experienced these same feelings of irrelevance.
academia  getting_out 
january 2018 by gwijthoff
About – Figure 8 Thinking
Natalie W. Nixon, PhD is a design strategist and a hybrid thinker. At Figure 8 Thinking, LLC she helps organizations accelerate innovation and growth by developing meaningful strategy through design thinking and ethnographic research.  She applies her diverse background in service design, anthropology and fashion, to help clients with culture transformation, leadership development, ideation sessions and envisioning labs.
january 2018 by gwijthoff
Career Coaching Services | The Muse
Choose a service
Find the best coaching option to help you tackle (and overcome) your current career obstacle.

Book a career coach
Explore our roster of top-notch career coaches who provide the service you need. Check out reviews from other customers to help you pick the right one.

Decide on a time
Your career coach will reach out to you within one business day to schedule your first appointment.

Get started!
january 2018 by gwijthoff
MyData Hubs -
OK, but what does it mean to be a “Local hub”?

Hubs can be in all sizes and in all forms, what fits best to you. Our proposed action points would be to gather people from businesses, public and third sector to common meetups, work together on the MyData declaration as starting point for discussions and develop further strategies based on shared interest.

After the first meetups, it is highly recommended to define a clear mission, which should be aligned also with MyData mission. After some time, we should also be able to have some objective measures to track your contributions to the network, like meetups or events that you run, use cases that you collect, materials you produce, etc. We’d like to also see the key drivers of the hubs taking part of the Global network meetings.


Cool, it goes well with my ideas. I’d like to start a local MyData initiative in … What’s my next move?

Great! You are most welcome to join our global network and we are happy to help you kickoff this in your local area. Here’s what you can do as your first moves:
philadelphia  getting_out  privacy 
january 2018 by gwijthoff

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