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GetGlue Says Viggle Social TV Deal Isn't Happening - Peter Kafka - Media - AllThingsD
Last fall, social TV company Viggle announced that it was buying competitor GetGlue in a deal that could have been worth $70 million or more.
But that deal never closed, and tonight GetGlue says that it never will.
A blog post by GetGlue founder Alex Iskold doesn’t say much. “Today, we’ve decided that GetGlue will not be merging with Viggle,” he writes, adding that “all of us at GetGlue are excited about growing our social network and the leadership position on the second screen.”
If you have to take a guess at the backstory, it likely has to do with Viggle being unable to get the financing it needed to get the deal done. As TechCrunch noted last week, Viggle had told investors, via an SEC filing, that it was working on an extension to its original deal, announced back in November.
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april 2015 by rufous
GetGlue becomes tvtag, focuses on curated TV moments | Gigaom
Tvtag does this by employing more than 50 curators, i.TV CEO Brad Pelo explained during an interview Monday. These curators watch live TV feeds from a total of 70 networks and segment them in real-time to tag what the company calls “TV moments” — important scenes, key quotes, goal shots and more. Users of the app can then communicate around these moments in near-real-time through comments, shared screenshots and more.

Pelo said that in addition to these curated moments, tvtag offers much of the same functionality as GetGlue’s app, including the ability to check in on any show and share these check-ins on Twitter. Yup, even the stickers are still there.

But there are two key differences: GetGlue had been experimenting with becoming more of a TV guide before it got acquired by i.TV, but Pelo told me that he decided to get rid of that functionality and not focus on discovery because it’s quickly becoming commoditized. “Most of us already know what we want to watch,” he said.

Also gone is any kind of automatic content recognition. Unlike other apps in this space, tvtag doesn’t listen in on what’s playing on TV, and it doesn’t communicate with your cable box either to automatically check in on the shows you’re watching. Three years ago, every app maker in this space thought automatic content recognition was necessary, Pelo said, adding: “It turned out to be an unnecessary burden.”
april 2015 by rufous
GetGlue successor TVtag is shutting down | Gigaom
Social TV service TVtag, which was previously known as GetGlue, is shutting down at the end of the year. TVtag announced the shutdown in an email to users Friday afternoon, which stated that users had just a few days left to manually request the export of their data by emailing the TVtag team.
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april 2015 by rufous
GetGlue - Your app for TV, Movies, and Sports
Watching the coy wolf episode. Interesting intelligent animal who seems to be thriving despite man
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